Top 21 Vmware Horizon Interview Questions You Must Prepare 21.Apr.2024

Horizon 7 allows IT to deliver virtual or RDSH published desktops and applications through a single platform to end users. These desktop and application services— including RDS hosted apps, packaged apps with VMware ThinApp®, SaaS apps, and even virtualized apps from Citrix—can all be accessed from one unified workspace to provide end users with all of the resources they want, at the speed they expect, with the efficiency business demands.

Horizon 7 is available in four editions:

  1. Horizon Standard Edition – Simple, powerful VDI with great user experience.
  2. Horizon Advanced Edition – Cost-effective delivery of desktops and applications through a unified workspace.
  3. Horizon Enterprise Edition – Desktops and applications delivered with cloud automation and management.
  4. Horizon Air with On- Premises Infrastructure – Pair Horizon Air service with Horizon 7 cloud-managed infrastructure and desktops.

Personal management is still available in Horizon 7 products to support customers looking to continue to take advantage of this capability.

VMware User Environment Manager offers personalization and dynamic policy configuration across any virtual, physical, or cloud-based environment. User Environment Manager can simplify end-user profile management by providing organizations with a single and scalable solution that leverages existing infrastructure. IT can simply map infrastructure (including networks and printer mappings) and dynamically set policies for end users to securely support more use cases. With this solution, end users can also enjoy quick access to their Windows workspace and applications, with a personalized and consistent experience across devices and locations.

Session Collaboration allows multiple users to view and modify the same desktop which can be very useful in healthcare, design, engineering, and education organizations for peer reviews, design iterations, and training. The desktop owner can invite multiple additional users to collaborate in real-time on his or her desktop and do so with a great user experience for all users.

Blast Performance is a comprehensive set of technologies available with Horizon 7 that are designed to ensure that end users have a consistently great experience across devices, locations, media, and connections.

The SysTrack Desktop Assessment (SDA) is a free self-service platform that provides customers with comprehensive visibility into their end-user environment, infrastructure, and applications. It provides solution recommendations based on user segmentation to put customers on the path to success as they move forward with VMware and Horizon products.

VMware Horizon is a family of desktop and application virtualization solutions designed to deliver Windows and online services from any cloud. With Horizon, VMware extends the power of virtualization—from data centers to devices—to deliver desktops and applications with great user experience, closed-loop manageability, and hybridcloud flexibility.

VMware Horizon includes packages such as the Horizon 7 Editions, Horizon Apps, Horizon Cloud and Horizon FLEX and is available for purchase through VMware. Horizon 7 is a virtual desktop and applications platform that runs in the datacenter and provides IT with simple and centralize management. It delivers virtual desktops and applications to end users on any device, anywhere. Horizon Apps leverages Horizon 7 technology and provides a platform to deliver published applications when virtual desktops are not needed. VMware Horizon Cloud Service™ for virtual desktops and applications is served up as a cloud-hosted service on-premises or from outside of your data center. And VMware Horizon FLEX™ delivers and manages containerized virtual desktops that run locally on a physical PC or laptop.

VMware Horizon View is still available as a standalone offering in Horizon Standard Edition on a per concurrent connection basis at the same price as the former Horizon View Premier bundle. If you are looking for a simple and powerful desktop virtualization solution with a great user experience, consider Horizon Standard Edition. To leverage the best of Horizon and extend these benefits beyond VDI to provide end users with one place to securely access all their desktops and applications, purchase Horizon Advanced Edition. If you want to deliver desktops and applications with the benefits of cloud management, automation, and orchestration,choose Horizon Enterprise Edition.

Yes, customers with excess vSphere licenses can buy Horizon Standard, Horizon Advanced, or Horizon Enterprise add-ons.

Both Horizon 7 and Horizon Apps offer reliable and secure published RDS application delivery and management that include session-based desktops. Horizon 7 additionally provides virtual desktops, which provide a desktop experience and a highly reliable, high-performance, personalized desktop. Session-based desktops are useful in certain use cases when high performance, reliability, and personalization are not critical. Horizon 7 editions also offer additional compelling features and products—such as VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon and VMware vSAN with lower bundle pricing incentives.

VMware offers a number of features with RDS hosted apps and desktops, including support for printing, USB flash drive, imaging devices and scanners, HTML access, chrome clients, multimedia redirection, file association, Lync 2013 support, NVIDIA GRID vGPU support, and more. VMware also offers support for RDSH hosted applications with linked clones and instant clones to allow IT to quickly update RDSH server farms.

Organizations can take advantage of load balancing support for RDSH optimized server utilization while ensuring great user experience. Additionally, VMware is now supporting cloud pod architecture for hosted apps, allowing organizations to build the largest, most distributed infrastructure while enabling easy access to RDSH hosted apps and desktops across geographic locations.

VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon provides cloud analytics and operations management for virtual desktop and application environments, allowing IT to optimize the health, availability, performance, and efficiency of desktop and application services.

VMware vSAN, a software-defined storage tier, pools compute and direct-attached storage resources and clusters server disks and flash to create resilient shared storage. vSAN provides customers with a low-cost storage alternative that eliminates the need to overprovision storage to ensure that end users have enough IOPS per desktop. Customers can additionally simplify storage provisioning by managing this through Horizon. VMware vSAN Advanced for Desktop is included in Horizon Advanced and Enterprise editions.

VMware App Volumes supports real-time application delivery to virtualized desktop environments. With Horizon 7 and App Volumes, IT can build a real-time application delivery system that ensures all applications are centrally managed. Applications are delivered to virtual desktops through VMDK virtual disks, without modifying the VM or applications themselves, and can be scaled out to virtual desktops with superior performance, at lower costs and without compromising end-user experience.

Instant Clone technology provides a new, dramatically accelerated means to provision virtual machines in vSphere. With Instant Clone technology, a booted-up parent VM can be quiesced and “hot-cloned” to produce derivative (child) VMs rapidly, leveraging the same disk and memory of the parent VM, with the clone starting in an already “booted-up” state. This process bypasses the cycle time incurred with traditional cloning, where several power cycle and reconfiguration calls are usually made. When administrators combine Instant Clone technology with App Volumes and User Environment Manager, they can rapidly spin up desktops for users that retain user customization and persona from session to session, even though the desktop itself is destroyed when the user logs out.

VMware Identity Manager is an identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) offering, providing application provisioning, selfservice catalog, conditional access controls, and SSO for SaaS, web, cloud, and native mobile applications. It supports access to applications and desktops running Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services, XenApp 5.0 and later, ThinApp, SaaS, and virtual desktops with Horizon View. The unified workspace also provides IT with a central point of control on the back end to manage reporting, policy access, and delivery. VMware Identity Manager Standard is included in Horizon Advanced and Enterprise editions.

Horizon 7 and Horizon Cloud both support Windows 10.

Horizon Apps is a new packaging offering that focuses on delivering and managing published (RDS) apps, including session-based desktops. Based on Horizon 7, it offers twoM editions—Standard and Advanced. Both offer reliable and secure published application delivery with tools and features that simplify management and provide a great user experience. Horizon Apps Advanced additionally streamlines app management with just-in-time app delivery powered by VMware Instant Clones technology and slashes the numbers of required images to be managed with VMware App Volumes.

No. Horizon Enterprise Edition is the most comprehensive solution in the Horizon portfolio. View Enterprise Edition reached its end of availability in 201@Customers with VMware View Enterprise with current support and subscription (SnS) continue to receive support. These customers can also upgrade to any new Horizon edition.

Image management for physical and virtual machines leverages Mirage to ensure that IT can easily deploy images to end users across all physical endpoints. This capability is included in Horizon Advanced and Enterprise editions.

Yes, App Volumes technology can also be leveraged to publish applications. App Volumes simplifies management and can be used to quickly update or add new applications without the need to reimage the master template.