Top 26 Test Complete Interview Questions You Must Prepare 08.Dec.2023

There are three different way for capturing the Object in TestComplete

  1. Recording
  2. Object Spy
  3. Find, FindAll, FindChild, FindAllChildren

Yes, We can do the Cross Browser testing in TestComplete. TestComplete 9.x is specially developed for cross browser testing. (Before cross browser testing we need to do some browser level setting .

There are few challenges we are face in TestComplete

  1. Cross Browser Testing : for a cross browser testing we need to do browser level setting, if we try run our script on client machine then we need to check all browser setting.
  2. Working with Window Popup: while you are trying to Upload or download file from the application some time it may get fail.
  3. Working With Dynamic Object : handling such a object which is change every time or occurred suddenly.
  4. Page Loading :Unable to predict page load time
  5. Technical Support: There is no more support/Help available for TestComplete.

Yes, TestComplete Supports Record and Payback mechanism there are two mechanisms in TestComplete Recording.

  1. Record - Starts test recording or resumes recording after pause. Default, SHIFT-F@
  2. Low –Level- Record - Starts recording a new low-level procedure based on screen coordinates. Default, SHIFT-F4

TestComplete is a Software automation tool, Developed by Smart bear, we can Automate the software testing process using it.

TestComplete supports various types of automation testing like: unit testing, Smoke testing, Regression testing, Functional, Distributed testing and load testing.

TestComplete has the number of Check points like :

  1. Create File Checkpoint
  2. Create Object Checkpoint
  3. Create Property Checkpoint
  4. Create Web Service Checkpoint
  5. Create Database table checkpoint and so on….

TestComplete supports the number of browsers.

  1. Internet Explorer
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Google Chrome
  4. Safari
  5. Opera Browser

Run our Test with different set of input data to ensure the application works as expected for various input values. This testing approach is called data-driven testing. We can preformed data driven testing using CSV file, Text File, Excel and Database Table.

We are using customize framework for automation. It is a combination of Keyword driven and Data Driven framework.

Using Find, FindAll, FindChild, FindAllChildren method we can do the descriptive programming in TestComplete.

We can run our same script on different Node /different workstation by implementing the concept of Network Suite (But in this case entire client machine should be a part of Network).

Using SHIFT-F11 we can stop the recording

To call routines, variables or constants declared from one unit to another unit, we use USEUNIT statement in TestComplete.

Yes, We can get the number of child of the Object by using ChildCount Property of the object

Ex: count = Object.ChildCount

Using the TestedApps object we can call our application. To get a TestedApp object as an item of from the list, use the TestedApps.Items property (if no. of Apps is added in list)

There are different way to recognize the Object in TestComplete Like :

  1. Recording
  2. Object Spy
  3. Find, FindAll, FindChild, FindAllChildren

Using On Error Resume Next statement we can handle the exception it TestComplete. On Error Resume Next Statement skip the Exception window and go for the next operation.

Yes we can do it by using aqString object like below :

aqString.Compare(String1, String2, Case Sensitive)

In TestedApp, we can list out the number of Applications, We can add multiple Tested Application and there attributes like Command line arguments, number of instance and so on.

We can use object ID for each or we can assigned a unique identity for similar object by using Name Mapping Concept.

Objects may have the children, Page is the children of Process, Process is the children of Sys object etc...

{Sys.Process (iexplorer, 1).page (“”)……}

There are two possibilities :

  1. Our script gets fail in case if we implement Record and Playback methodology.
  2. Our Script will be run successfully If we Implement Name mapping or Descriptive programming methodology.

TestComplete Supports Wide range of Application and Technologies like – Windows, .NET, WPF, Visual C++ Visual Basic, Java Web Applications, and Web Services.

Test Complete Supports: VBScript, Jscript, C# Script, c++, Delphi.

An application which is expose their internal Object Properties and methods to TestComplete are called Open Application for TC.

(Application which is provide the information on how to get access to internal objects that is call Open Application)

FindChild – Find Child method is also same as FIND method (as mention above) it will search only Child object.

FindAllChildren – Find All Children method is same as FINDALL method (as mention above), it will be search all the children and store them into an Array.