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Parents can offer their volunteer service in various field like lunch-room monitor, tutor, crossing the guard, library aid and concession stand worker for school events.


  • You can examine the standard by yourself and see whether it gives the desired result
  • It helps to know students and teachers consistency at each grade throughout all states
  • It helps teachers to collaborate with any school nationwide
  • It helps to improve professional development for teachers
  • Easy for student to get a grip over the subject while moving to other states


  • Lack of implementation
  • Sometimes challenging for students to meet the CCSS standards

  • Parents should be supportive
  • Parents should try to understand their child learning ability and motivate them to improve further
  • Parents should not oppose on their liking and dislike towards the subject
  • Parents should tell the student that it is ok to fail
  • Parents should encourage students to learn new things
  • Parents should track their progress in schools
  • Parents should build qualities like patience, hard work and practice

  • At the beginning of the year, set the tone as the science is creative, dynamic and fun
  • Wherever possible ask question to arouse curiosity
  • Use example of scientific discoveries often in your conversation
  • Take help of other science teachers for organising some science fair or seminar for students or group activities related to science
  • Look for collaboration with local scientific research institute even if it is for temporary
  • Take full advantage of lab facilities
  • Let student work freely with their practical’s and let them use the trial and error method.

  • Try to analyse what went wrong
  • Concentrate on the weakness of the lessons
  • Make the content easy and more comprehensive
  • Utilize useful resource
  • Take advice and guidance from other experienced teachers

To reduce drop out in middle school various steps that should be considered are:

  • Link student interest with learning
  • Provide them appropriate environment for studying like vary classroom format day to day
  • Give students few options in topics to study or research, and make an attempt to link the material or topics to everyday life, for example, relate some outdoor activities with maths problem
  • Use map, a pictorial diagram, power point presentation and visual image to make topic more comprehensive and less boring
  • Teachers should bring belief in their students about how the project or some course can benefit them in their career prospectus
  • One to one conversation with students about their liking towards any activities it could be sports, music, painting, etc.

The major reason for the drop out in school is observed to due to student’s lack of skill in reading, writing, mathematical, reasoning and other learning skills. Also, students who are drop out of school finds schooling boring and less interesting.

Some of the problems faced by middle school is:

  • Insufficient teacher training
  • Inappropriate learning environment
  • Less involvement of parents
  • Emotional stress and other issues

  • Teacher should not humiliate student, especially in front of others
  • They should not judge a student on the basis of their academic records and marking
  • Teacher should not give low grade to the student due to their personal strife
  • Teacher should not ask the student to cover everything on their own, when they miss a class; their assistance is required
  • Teacher should not look students grasping power as an equal to his/her, and expect them to learn everything real quick
  • Teacher should not teach a lesson as if he/she teaching to himself. He must involve students by taking small breaks in between lessons and ask them if they needed any help
  • Teacher should not try to dominant student, in fact; they should remain calm and be at receiving end
  • Teacher should not be over-demanding and understand the potential of the fellow student before allotting any task.

The classroom management structure the I would opt for:

  • Listening students in one-to-one meeting
  • Solving issues among the students
  • Try to involve parents in the disciplinary process
  • Having student sign a learning contract at the beginning of the year
  • Agreeing on a set of classroom rules together as a class

These can help the teacher to leave his impact and make out maximum of it:

  • Use a pleasant and normal tone while communicating with the student.
  • Start delivering lecture only when student is ready to receive from you
  • Try to use non-verbal communication or hand signals, this will help the student to take an interest in what you are saying. Sometimes non-verbal communication says more than your verbal thing
  • Address immediately on any unpleasant or unsatisfactory situation with students, always approach student as they need help or have some doubt.
  • Bored students are equally harassing as troubled students. Always have an interactive session and well-designed engaging lesson
  • Organize the class outside the classroom sometimes like in open ground, it will change the ambience. 

In almost all grades, standardized assessment is carried out. You should be able to tell the name of the test and format of the test, it will be an extra credit if you explain it with some of the experiments you carried out with the students.

Co-teaching is a new strategy adapted by teachers to teach a particular subject by sharing their responsibility.  Co-teaching can be fun for the student learning one subject from two or more people who may have different ways of teaching or thinking.

  • Computers are inevitable in 21st century; a basic computer programming from high school onwards can help students to become a pro by the time they complete their colleges
  • Data science engineering is another subject that could be helpful to the student in their near future
  • Statistics is like catalyst for data analysis, with little knowledge with statistics they can handle and operate data library in any field.

Student will learn many things through extracurricular activities: 

  • Learning time management and prioritizing
  • Learning about long term commitments
  • Motivates them for other careers
  • Raise their self-confidence
  • Team work and relationship skills
  • Making a contribution

Effective classroom management styles include:

  • Don’t attend any parent’s- teacher conference, student meeting or discussion until you are clear about the goal
  • Don’t promise student to do something which you can’t able to do
  • Understand students all aspects and requirement for class-room
  • Ensure that whatever you implement or say should be practically feasible and beneficial for the student.

Any exploratory courses or class can be helpful for middle school student to develop their skills:

Arts: Student can express themselves by learning instruments and dance including band, chorus, etc.

Business Courses: It teaches them typing and enhances their keyboard skills which can be further used in business marketing and computer design

Foreign languages: Learning a foreign language always add a credit to your skills, and middle school can help the student to get a head start in this

Physical education and health: Physical activities help students to become stronger and become competitive and also relieves them from stress and boredom

The motive behind building middle school is to fill the gap between elementary and high school and easy transition of students into adolescence.

  • A teacher can motivate weak student by motivating them for the subject they are interested in
  • Sometimes the teacher has to realize specially weak student about their strength and its capability
  • Teacher can confront individually with the student about the problem he is facing
  • Teacher could adopt different teaching methods, so it’s easy for the student to understand the thing
  • Teacher must encourage such student to express their view on the subject or any topic
  • Teacher must create an ambience that make them feel equally important and unbiased.

On their very first day, teacher must do following things:

  • Know the school policies
  • Familiarize yourself with the school
  • Meet your colleagues
  • Make your material ready for the first day
  • Prepare your lesson thoroughly and stay relax
  • Make detailed lesson plans for the first week
  • Teach something to the student that is easy for the student to learn, and spend last 5-10 chatting with the student.

The middle school teacher responsibilities includes:

  • Helping children to move from early phases of learning to become expert
  • Conducting and grading tests
  • Presenting and setting up lessons
  • Working with students both in groups and personally
  • Tracking and monitoring the performance and progress of each student
  • Regular meeting with parents to discuss student’s progress
  • Supervising activities after school hours for sports, club and dance activities.

High school teacher duties includes:

  • Prioritizing teaching methods
  • Preparing material for seminars and presentations
  • Enforcing disciplinary actions
  • Conducting progress reports
  • Assessment of student progress
  • Lecturing and discussing concepts
  • Making administrative and budget decisions

  • Quiz competition based on subjects
  • Debate or discussion on subjects and out of subjects
  • Indoor and outdoor games
  • Drama and stage performance
  • Yearbook
  • Volunteering in NGO’s or field that student interest

Special education teacher helps the students who have severe emotional or physical disabilities. Their key responsibilities include:

  • Specialized techniques used to teach such students like problem-solving assignment, intensive individualized instruction and small group work
  • While arranging test, lengthening the time for a test or providing material which is read-only
  • Develop IEP ( Individualized Education Program) which sets individualized teaching program for specific students and preparing them for middle school
  • Co-ordinates with associate teachers, teacher assistant, therapist, social workers and related personnel to meet such student needs
  • Teaching such students individually in a separate class.

  • Don’t dictate or pressurize student to use what they have learned
  • Don’t expect from the student to understand everything what you thought specially figurative language
  • Don’t keep talking and discussing the topic to yourself, let student get involved in it
  • Don’t make student work on the same thing over and over
  • Don’t embarrass students
  • Don’t allow to sit students in groups with the same peer
  • Don’t expect students to work independently

  • Having a vision and a clear goal
  • Planning and motivating
  • Good communication at all levels
  • Visibility, consistency and accountability
  • Supportive

  • Active involvement in studying
  • Positive approach towards new ideas
  • Ready to learn new things
  • Clearly making progress in written and oral exams
  • High level on involvement in other curriculum activities

  • Provide study material which is compelling and easy to understand
  • Try create an ambience where students can help each other
  • Allot homework smartly which is a burden less and more meaning full
  • Model thinking and not solution or answer oriented
  • Provide the feedback immediately and which is more relevant to the task
  • Before state testing gets math tutor volunteers once a week for 2 months
  • Use story telling method to teach maths to students