Top 27 Student Visa Australia Interview Questions You Must Prepare 07.Dec.2023

An eVisitor application is free of charge. There is no fee required to lodge an eVisitor application or after an eVisitor application is finalized.

The Australian Department of Home Affairs assesses and decides all visa applications. The VFS Application Centre staff are not employees of the Australian Government and do not have the authority to assess or decide applications..

The case officer wants to know the reason behind your choice of course and whether you are serious about pursuing it or only using it as an excuse to move to Australia. Your answer should communicate your desire to pursue the course and the reason behind its choice.

Provide the original transcript of the exam result.

The requirement for original documents arises only in case the Australia High commission has requested. Applicants are requested to visit the Australian High Commission website for category specific information in regards to the submission of original documents.

Provide a concise but well-articulated response to this question. Prepare a list of points in your favor that demonstrate why you should be granted a student visa and how beneficial it will be to you as well as the college/university (for example, in the form of research done during your course.

If you are retrieving your passport in person, you must bring with you:

  • The original acknowledgement slips provided to you by VFS Global when you deposit your application at the Australian Visa Application Centre.
  • Your original National ID card or other official proof of identification containing a photograph.
  • A copy of your photographic ID.

If you plan to use a representative to collect your passport on your behalf.

  • The original acknowledgement slips provided to you by VFS Global when you deposit your application at the Australian Visa Application Centre.
  • You are requested to provide Individual authorization letters, signed by the respective applicant's.
  • Representative original National ID card or other official proof of identification containing a photograph.
  • A copy of your representative photographic ID.

Clients should lodge their applications as early as possible keeping in mind the average processing times and prior to their intended date of travel.

The case officer is verifying the information submitted in the visa application form. State the purpose of your trip (for example, I plan on studying in Australia).

All persons, other than Australian citizens require a visa or authority to enter Australia. All Indian citizens require a visa to enter Australia.

The documents required with a visa application are specific to the visa category under which you wish to apply. Please visit the VISA TYPES section of this website for document checklists for various visa categories.

You may also visit the website of the Department of Home Affairs for further information on document requirements.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that an application is complete and accompanied by relevant documents and information. An incomplete application form and/or the absence of required or relevant information and documents may result in delays in processing or in the application being refused.

Additional documents, if submitted after lodgement of the visa application, will be charged a separate service charge by VFS.

An eVisitor is an electronically stored authority for visits to Australia for tourism or business purposes for up to three months. eVisitor facility is available to passport holders from the European Union and a number of other European countries, who are outside Australia.

eVisitor holders can enter Australia multiple times over a twelve month period, from the date of grant of visa, for a stay of up to three months on each occasion.

An eVisitor can only be applied for online and applicants must be located outside of Australia to be granted an eVisitor.

The case officer is verifying information provided in the visa application form through this question. Your response should contain a brief introduction of your immediate family only.

Provide a truthful answer (yes/no/I don’t know yet).

Provide an honest answer as the information can be verified.

To make a valid visa application, clients must:

  1. Submit the correct visa application form;
  2. Pay the correct visa application fee, as applicable (Visa Fees and VFS Service Charges)

Clients should also provide all required documents and relevant information, together with the application (refer to Question 6 for document checklists). Incomplete applications may take longer to process and may result in visa refusal.

Clients should ensure that visa application forms should be of the latest acceptable design date. Visa Application forms can be downloaded from Department of Home Affairs website or can be collected from any VFS Centre.

Yes, you can submit your passport for ETA at VFS Visa Application Centre. There is no Visa fee for an ETA lodged with VFS; however, there is a VFS Service Charge for the processing of an ETA Application. Please visit the “TOURIST VISA FEES” section of this website.

  • Australian visa applications may be lodged either offshore (in a country other than Australia) or in Australia, depending on their category.
  • A number of visas and other applications are processed in Australian in specialized processing centres.
  • VFS accepts applications for visa categories that can only be lodged in India at their Australian Visa Application Centres.
  • Some of the common visa categories that can be lodged in India through VFS include: Visitor visas, student visas, spouse migration visas, child migration visas, temporary work (short stay), business visitor, certain business long stay visas and Applications for Australian Citizenship. 
  • Categories that are not accepted by VFS in India include Humanitarian and Refugee visas, Skilled Migration visas, Parent Migration visas, Sponsored Visitor visas, Entertainment visas, Working Holiday Visas and Temporary Business Long Stay Visas, where the sponsoring business is in Australia.

The category of visa you wish to apply for depends on the purpose of your visit. You can use the Find Visa facility available on the Department of Home Affairs website to assist you with determining which visa category to apply for and the requirements for that category of visa.

The case officer wants to know if you have done your research regarding the scope offered by the course. In brief, list the reasons you picked the course and how you require it for your future career prospects.

No. The Visa fee can only be paid in INR (Indian Rupees) at VFS Visa Application Centres, if you are paying in India.

However, clients can also get their visa fee paid on their behalf, in Australia at a DIBP Office.

VFS Global Services Pvt Ltd (VFS) is the Service Delivery Partner (SDP) for the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs in India.

The role of VFS is to accept visa applications and to dispatch passports and documents back to clients, on behalf of the Department of Home Affairs .

VFS does not play any part in or influence the outcome of your visa application. If a VFS employee claims to be able to influence your visa application, you should inform the Australian High Commission, New Delhi immediately.

You should not purchase non-refundable tickets or accommodation prior to the grant of a visa. Any such purchases are the sole responsibility of the visa applicant. The Department of Home Affairs recommends that you lodge your visa application well ahead of your proposed travel date and finalise travel arrangements after visa issue.

You can apply for a Visitor/Tourist ETA (if travelling for tourism or to visit friends or relatives) and for Short Validity Business ETA (if travelling for business purposes). The ETA is valid for 12 months with stays of up to 3 months on each visit, and can be used for single or multiple entry travel.

Through this question, the case officer wants to test your interest and motives behind applying for the course. Provide a brief overview of your course and its structure.

All applicants for a visa to Australia must meet the health requirement. Whether you are required to undergo a medical examination and/or chest x-ray depends on your age, how long you intend to stay in Australia and your intended activity in Australia.

Provide an honest answer to this question. List the reasons you believe brought down your score and emphasize that you have worked at improving at them.