Top 42 Sap Web Dynpro Interview Questions You Must Prepare 14.Jun.2024

To trace the data stream in SAP Web Application server.

Yes for a component, you can create any number of applications.

You can use tree UI element to create a tree in Web Dynpro application.

  • Component Controller
  • Custom Controller
  • Configuration Controller
  • View Controller
  • Window Controller

You can use version management to manage older version of an object, compare versions or you can also reset them.

These are key benefits of using Web Dynpro for developers in ABAP environment ::   

  • You can easily maintain and reuse components for development.
  • Less implementation time as use of graphical tools.
  • You can easily change layout and navigation using graphical tools.
  • Easy structure changes.
  • With use of data binding, you can use automatic data transport.
  • Ease of integration in ABAP environment.
  • Web Dynpro ABAP is same as Web Dynpro Java as support same set of functions for the application development.

SAP List viewer is used to add ALV component and provides a flexible environment to display lists and tabular structure. A standard output consist of header, tool bar and an output table and user can make the settings to add column display, aggregations, sorting options using additional dialog boxes.

Faceless components in Web Dynpro doesn’t contain any graphical components, no views or no windows. It only contains a component controller and you can add an additional custom controller.

Exit plugs are used to exit from Web Dynpro Window or Web Dynpro page.

You can create events to enable communication between controllers. You can allow one controller to trigger events in different controller. All events that you create in component controller they are available in component.

Each Web Dynpro application contains at least one view and it is used to define layout of a user interface. Each view consists of multiple user element and a controller and context.

The controller is used to process user request and processing of data and context contains data to which elements of view are bound.

It means that at run time, no element or maximum one element can be instantiated.

In a Web Dynpro application, component window has an inbound plug. This inbound plug can have parameters, which have to be specified as URL parameters.

Default values that are overwritten by the URL parameters can be set in the application for these parameters. If neither a default value nor a URL parameter is specified, a runtime error is triggered.

Window controller exists for each window and contain method to write coding logic.

A Model class is assistance class that contains business logic.

You can also integrate an ABAP application into enterprise portal. You can also manage portal functions from a Web Dynpro application.

You can call Web Dynpro code wizard to access portal manager methods.

This can be used to perform the following functions :

  • Portal Events

To navigate between Web Dynpro application within portal or portal content.

Following navigation types are supported :

  • Object Based navigation
  • Absolute navigation
  • Relative navigation
  • Work protect mode

To use in other Web Dynpro components.

  • Session Count
  • Application Count
  • CPU time
  • Data

In Web Dynpro ABAP administration, you can perform various administration tasks using different tools −

  1. ICM Tracing
  2. Web Dynpro Trace tool
  3. Browser Tracing
  4. Logging
  5. Security

  • It support many properties of table element as it is based on Web Dynpro table UI element.
  • ALV output can be filtered, sorted or you can also apply calculations.
  • User can perform application specific functions using UI elements in toolbar.
  • This allows user to save setting in different views.
  • You can also configure special areas above and below ALV output.
  • You can define extent to which ALV output can be edited.

  • WDDOINIT of component Controller
  • WDDOINIT of window Controller
  • WDDOINIT of View Controller

In Web Dynpro, window is used to use multiple views or view sets. A view can only be displayed when it is embed in a view and a window always contain one or more views which are connected by navigation links.

Each window contains inbound and outbound plugs and they can be included in navigation chain. Inbound plugs within a window lead from the outbound plug of a view to the embedding window. Just like all other inbound plugs, they represent an event and thus call the event handler assigned to them.

Using method _WD_COMPONENT_ASSISTANCE~GET_TEXT( ), this allows you to access text symbols of the assistance class in controller of your component.

You can embed view in another view by using view container UI element. ViewContainerUIElement is an UI element to be used to hold the views in Web Dynpro application.

Web Dynpro applications are based on MVC model, whereas :

  • Model: This allows the access to back end data in a Web Dynpro application.
  • View: This is used to ensure the representation of data in a web browser.
  • Controller: This is used to control communication between Model and view where it takes input from users and get the processes data from model and displays the data in browser.

Below are few advantages of view set in designing an application :

  • You can reuse views in a Web Dynpro window.
  • You can easily make changes to layout at later stage.
  • More structured approach to use more than one view.

A view set is defined as predefined section where you can embed different views in a Web Dynpro application. View set allows you to display more than one view in a screen.

  • Interactive Scenario
  • Print Scenario
  • Offline Scenario
  • Using digital signature

Using filters you can limit the data in ALV output. You can create multiple number of filter conditions for each field. To create or delete a filter condition, you can use method of interface class IF_SALV_WD_FILTER.

In Global controller, the data declared in this can be accessed by all views and window in that component.

View controller is a local controller for that view and can’t be accessed by other controllers.

Web Dynpro trace tool can be used for checking the errors and problems in Dynpro application. You can activate Web Dynpro trace tool for a specific user.

To activate trace tool in SAP GUI client, use T-code: WD_TRACE_TOOL

You can monitor Web Dynpro application using ABAP monitor. Information is stored about Web Dynpro application and is stored. You can view this information using T-code: RZ20

It is used to generate F4 help for inputs field in Web Dynpro application.

Component Controller is only one. You can create multiple controllers, but those are called Custom Controllers.

You can create forms based on Adobe software and can use in context for Web Dynpro user interfaces. You can integrate Adobe lifecycle development tool with ABAP editor to ease the development of user interface. Interactive forms using Adobe software allows you to create efficiently and easy development of UI elements.

Faceless components are specifically used for receiving and structuring the data. Faceless components can be embedded to other components using component usage and you can supply the required data to these components.

You can navigate between different views using inbound and outbound plugs. The inbound and outbound plugs are part of view controller and inbound plug defines the starting point of view and outbound plug tells the subsequent view to be called.

Web Dynpro is standard SAP UI technology that allows you to develop web applications using graphical tools and development environment integrated with ABAP workbench. Using graphical tools reduce the implementation effort and you can better reuse and maintain components in ABAP workbench.