Top 50 Sap Sd Interview Questions You Must Prepare 23.Jul.2024

Q1. How We Assigned Sales Organization To Delivering Plant?

Path: SPRO-IMG-Enterprise Structure-Assignment-SD-Assign Plant to Sales Organization/Dist.Channel
T.Code: OVX6

Q2. How Sales Document Is Structured?

Header responsible for all the documents Item for materials Schedule line for quantity and delivery.

Q3. Name The Three Internal Organizational Elements Within A Sales Organization And Briefly Explain Their Function.

Sales Office--- Geographical aspects of the organization in business development and sales are defined using the term sales office. A sales office can be considered as a subsidiary. Sales offices are assigned to sales areas. If you enter a sales order for a sales office within a certain sales area, the sales office must be assigned to that area.

Sales Group--- The staff of a sales office may be subdivided into sales groups. For example, sales groups can be defined for individual divisions.

Salespersons--- Individual personnel master records are used to manage data about salespersons. You can assign a sales person to a sales group in the personnel master record.

Q4. What Is The Relationship Between Sales Organizations And Company Codes?

There exists many to one relationship between sales organizations and company codes.

Q5. When The System Checks Availability Which Scheduling Would It Use First?

Backward Scheduling.

Q6. Which Block Stops The System From Creating The Picking List?

The block used to stop the System from creating the picking list is called the picking block.

Q7. What Is A Transfer Order And For What Would You Use It?

i. Document used to support every stock movement in the warehouse.
ii. It contains all the important movement data, such as the material to be transferred, the quantity to be transferred, the storage bins involved, and so on.

Q8. Define The Term Consignment Stock?

The material available in the company premises but is not added in the stock is called the consignment stock. The consignment stock is added to the company stock when it is either sent to the production department or marked as the material to be sold.

Q9. In System There Is Functionality, Which Is Used To Manage The Customer Credit Limits. That Functionality Can Be Assigned With One Or More Company Codes. By Using The Company Code The System Decides Th

Name of that functionality is credit control area.

Q10. Define A Shipping Unit?

Combination of materials which are packed together in a shipping material at a particular time. Shipping units contain items which in turn are made up of shipping units or delivery items.

Q11. I Have A Bom Item And Another Item, Which Is A Free Gift For Child Model. This Was Not Delivered To The Dealer, But Delivery Order Status Indicates "complete Delivery" And The Scheduled Line Appeared

You cannot manipulate and make changes afterwards expecting the system to honor your requirements. You must add the child items as a separate order.

Q12. How To Configure Partial Deliveries?

Check the box in customer master or in delivery type (LF) Check partial delivery indicator.

Q13. How To Do Customization Of Rebate Processing In Sap Sd?

  1. activate rebate in customer master data
  2. selling material should be activated in MM data
  3. sales org. should be activated
  4. billing doc should be activated

Q14. Diff Between Business Sale Cycle Nd Customer Sale Cycles?

Contract is the business sale cycle and schedule line is the cycle.

Q15. What Is The Transfer Order?

Transfer order is basically picking order where u pick the Material from storage and loading area or picking area.

Q16. Define Credit Control Area (t014)?

Company is created by FI Consultant.
The credit control area is an organizational unit that specifies and checks a credit limit for customers. A credit control area can include one or more company codes. It is not possible to assign a company code to more than one control area. Within a credit control area, the credit limits must be specified in the same currency.
IMG -> Enterprise Structure -> Definition -> Financial Accounting-> Define Credit Control Area.

Q17. When We Run The Transaction For Vf04 No Authorization Check Is Done For This Division. This Is Causing Some Problems Because Some Users Run The Transaction Vf04 And Create Billing Documents For A Divi

Make the modification to include a check within the copying requirements of the division in the source document instead of the user authorization.

Q18. What Is Line Item?

Line item is a row where all the details of particular item whenever you get the all information of particular item then double click on the row.

Q19. List The Basic Elements Of A Customer Master Record?

The following are the basic elements of a customer master record:

  •  General Data.
  •  Company Code Data.
  •  Sales Area Data.

Q20. Can One Specify User Specific Dates In Delivery Documents?

we can sepcify the dates but with respect to avilability,check and schdule line combination.

Q21. Bill Of Material Means?

Bills of material means combining a group of materials in Two products. In which included header level item and item level item. When header level item is relevant for pricing then item level item is not, when item level item is relevant for pricing then header level item is not.

Q22. What Is The Access Sequence For Header Conditions?

Access sequence is a search strategy which finds the right Condition record from the condition table.

Q23. Maintaining Sales Organization (tvko)?

Sales Organization is an organizational unit responsible for the sale of certain products or services.
IMG -> Enterprise Structure -> Definition -> Sales and Distribution -> Define, copy, delete, check Sales organization.

Q24. What Is Workflow? Name The Person Who Can Assist You While Configuring A Workflow For A System.

  •  It is a sequence of steps either processed manually or automatically by the system for implementing a task, such as updating a contract. It is handled by a workflow resource.
  •  A workflow consultant is a person who looks after the problems associated with a workflow.

Q25. Can You Make Texts Mandatory For A Customer Master Or A Sales Document?


Q26. I Am In The Va02 Transaction For A Sales Order And Want To Reject The Line Items And Cancel The Entire Sales Order. What Is The Menu Path Needed To Achieve This Goal?

Click the reject document button and then enter a reason for rejection. This will reject the line items and the sales order. You can enter a reason for rejection on the line item sales a tab.

Q27. List The System Modules That Are Included In The Financial Application Component?

The following SYSTEM modules are included in the financial application component:

  •  FI — Financial Accounting.
  •  CO— Controlling.
  •  EC— Enterprise Controlling.
  •  IM— Investment Management.
  •  PS— Project System.

Q28. What Is Third Party Order Process?

Let's consider three organizations such as A the service provider, B the service receiver and, C works as a vendor which provides the services to service providers. In this situation when A receives a purchase order from B it either manufactures it or purchases it. If the option of procurement is chosen, then after receiving the purchase order from B, A creates a sales order for it. Instead of preparing the purchase order for C as in case of the trading process A authorizes C to deliver the product to B on behalf of A. This process is called third party order processing.

Q29. Explain How The System Can Automatically Determine The Item Category In The Sales Order?

Sales document type + Higher level Item category + Item category group + Item Usage.

Q30. Can One Business Area Be Valid For Several Company Codes?


Q31. List A Menu Path To Access Stock Requirements Lists?

The shortest and simplest menu path to access the stock requirement list is as follows:

  • SYSTEM Menu->Logistics->Materials Management->Material Requirements Planning (MRP)-> MRP Evaluations-> Stock/ Requirements List [MD04].

Q32. Is It Possible To Work Without Specifying A Pick/pack Or Loading Time For A Shipping Point?


Q33. How Is Plant Determined?

Plant is determined by material and shipping point determination.

Q34. If You Want To Create Language Specific Sales Texts For Your Material Master, Would You Have To Create A New Material Master Record?


Q35. Would You Have Different Customer Numbers If Your Customer Was Serviced By More Than One Company Code?


Q36. When You Think Of The Five Possible Elements Necessary For The Account Determining During Posting Of A Sales Invoice - Where From Does The System Get The Information?

Chart of a/c group, customer a/c group, material a/c group, sales org., and a/c keys.

Q37. What Is An Mrp Type?

MRP is Material Resource planning which is based on Transfer of Requirements while processing the Sale Order.

Q38. What Does The Billing Type Control?

i. The document number
ii. The partner functions allowed at header level
iii. The partner functions allowed at item level
iv. The billing type that can be used to cancel the billing document
v. The transfer status of the billing document:
vi. Transferred to financial accounting
vii. blocked from transfer
viii. not transferred
ix. The procedure for account assignment in Financial Accounting
x. The allowed output for a business transaction and the procedure for output.

Q39. How Is The Item Text Copied From Sales Order To Delivery?

The item text is copied from sales order by performing the following step:

  • IMG Menu -> Sales and Distribution->Basic Function->Text Control.

Q40. What Is The Transaction Code For Creating A Material In Sap And What Is The Transaction Code To Extend A Material?

The transaction code for creating a material in SAP is MM4@MM01 is the transaction code to extend a material.

Q41. Can You Specify When Output Should Be Created? If Yes, What Possibilities Do You Have?

Yes. Print out, Mail, EDI, Fax.

Q42. Give An Example For A Statistical Condition?


Q43. What Two Ways Of Number Assignment For Documents Or Master Data Do You Know? Explain The Difference Between Them?

Internal & External.

Q44. Which Sub Module Of Sap Could Make Business Areas Obsolete And Can One Business Area Be Assigned To Several Company Codes? And What Is Z Transaction?

CO is the sub module of SAP that could make business area obsolete and it is possible that one business area can be assigned to several company codes. Z transaction is a copied standard transaction code or objects that rename it by Z which is basically standard name which will stat from Z as user defined.

Q45. From Which Documents Can You Create A Performa Invoice?

Sales order or delivery.

Q46. How Is Item Category Determined?

Sales doc type, Item category group, item usage, higher level item and item category all these purpose by default item category come.

Q47. Can You Split Deliveries Into Several Invoices? When Would You Do That?

Yes . If the data from the related reference documents differs in the header fields of the billing document. The system will automatically split the invoice.

Q48. How Do You Define Tax Relevancy Of Master Records?

The following menu path is navigated to define tax relevancy of the master record:

  • Customizing Implementation Guide (IMG Menu)->Sales and Distribution->Basic Functions->Taxes->Define Tax Relevancy of Master Records->Material Taxes.

Q49. What Do You Understand By Intercompany Customers And One-time Customer?

The Sales customers who deal within the same client between different company codes are known as intercompany customers. One-time customers refer to those customers for whom you do not want to create a separate record, so that such type of customer account group can be reused.

Q50. What Is General Table Display?

The General Table Display screen displays the populated fields of a table. The transaction code used for this purpose is SE16.