Top 16 Sap Mm Cin Interview Questions You Must Prepare 29.Nov.2023

You can install CIN after the R3 upgrade is over at any time. It is recommended that you do it along with the R3 upgrade.

Run the function module test j_1bsa_component_check with component as 'IN' and you should get a return code '0' and no exceptions. Before you can check this you should have applied SAP note 411079 fr CIN 40A.

The country install program (invoked using O035 transaction code) does pre-customization of company code '0001', so that you have default customization available for you to model further.

Best way to invoke CIN transactions is to attach the pre-delivered CIN roles.

Please see the section 'Roles' of the knowledge bank. Alternatively in an R3 system with CIN you can use the transaction PFCG (Profile Generator) and look for entries SAP_CIN*.

Using Profile generator you can generate an authorization profile for a given role. You can use existing roles or build new roles based on individual requirements.

From R3 46B the concept of area menus are not much used in SAP. So it is preferable to use roles for accessing the CIN transactions. You can also use the area menu J1ILN if you need. ( Older versions of CIN had area menu J1IL)

No standard tool or methodology for uploading CIN master or transaction data has been delivered so far.

You have to run a report RKSCUS0@Enter the authorization objects as S_TABU_DIS and then you can maintain new authorization groups under this.

You need to have separate pricing procedure to make this possible. It would be best to contact SAP product management group on this.

Master data in CIN is maintained using default table maintenance views. This poses a restriction that only one user can change the data at any given time. This is because of the table level lock.

You should run Country install program only if it is a fresh installation with no customization. If you have already started building the org. structure and other process mapping then you must not run country install program.

CIN user manual is now available as a CD and can be installed centrally and accessed by any user. It is also available in SAP's help portal at -

For 46C release:-

For R/3 470 release:-

Under the Documentation in the left navigation menu, click on 'SAP R/3 and R/3 Enterprise'. Select the language as English.

From the left navigation menu choose 'SAP R/3 Enterprise Application Components' -> Cross Application Components -> Financials -> Country Versions -> Asia-Pacific -> India.

There is no need to know all the transaction codes with in CIN. What is more important is to look at the CIN roles and how this can be used.

There is some customization available for CIN as a part of country install. Additional customization is mentioned in the related notes. There is no pre configured client for CIN.

CIN has pre delivered authorization groups j1it and j1id. You can attach this group to the table using transaction SUCU.