Top 50 Sap Basis Interview Questions You Must Prepare 14.Jun.2024

a. Disk1,Disk2,(Raid 1 min 4 GB)à winnt, Saparch.
b. Disk3,Disk4( Stripe Min 4 GB)à swap.
c. Disk5 (min 4 gb) Origilog A, Mirror log B, TRANS:
d. Origlog B , Mirror log A, SAPREORG.
e. Sapdata1, Sapdata2 ,Sapdata3 , up to Sapdata6.

Group of requests under one logical name is development class. When ever we change in R3 repository it should be assigned to development calss and it internally assigned to transport layer .

Background job logs, Spool Logs, Work Processes Overview , Users Overview, All Application Servers active or not .

ADIRACCESS List of repaired objects and their access keys.

You could schedule report RSPO0041 for deleting the spool (TEMSE) objects. Schedule it as a daily background job in order to minimize impact on your system.

During the installation you will be asked for a key, which can only be generated by the solution manager.

Use T-code SU53 , This will show which authorization is missing in his profile.


In SAP there are many predefined indexes.
You can see these indexes via DB02->checks-> database ->ABAP dictionary ->display. Under optional indexes you see all indexes of which the definition is created in the dictionary, but not created at database level.

Ensure that the Oracle client is properly installed on each of the application servers. Also, make certain that you are using the latest versions of all of the kernel, associated files (R3trans, tp, startdb, stopdb, etc.) and the DB library.

Look for SAPADMIN and SAPSETUP on the installation CD. Then, use a utility such as Microsoft’s SMS to distribute this program or use a login script to call the SAPSETUP program.

4 types of printers
Production Printing , Mass Printing ,Test Printing, Desktop Printing .

/etc/passwd contains valid user passwords, accounts, default login directories, and user security permission levels.

There are several possible reasons. The spool is sent to a printer and deleted. The spool is too old and the housekeeper deleted it. Also, some test reports simulate a calculation then rollback. It works fine online. When a background job does a rollback then it rolls back the spool as well.

Table TDEVC contains development classes and packages.

There are 3 types of profiles in SAP.
They are

  • DEFAULT.PFL (known as System Profile)
  • Start Profile
  • Instance Profile

Find the source for the cover page. It will either be from SAP itself or the OS spooler. Take the appropriate action.

Read the homogenous system guide and follow all directions under “subsequent steps” section. Check transaction codes BDLS and SALE as well.

In transaction SE38 enter the variant name and choose the attributes radio button. Here you can set the field to “selection variable.” Then, under selection variables button, you can define that it is SY -DATE+7.

First go into SE38 in both client 000 and your working client. Run program RDDNEWPP. This will schedule program RDDIMPDP with proper parameters. Then, check if any "TP" programs are running . If this is the case, check in /usr/sap/trans/log and look for the most recent files contents.

  • By seeing ABAP dump error we come to know that whether the error or developer technique.
  •  If belongs to insufficient memory dump error display at which stage the transaction terminate and how much memory requires. So that we have to increase the memory (Through Instance profile).
  •  If belongs to table space error it displays the table name so that we increase the table space through the SAPDBA.
  •  If belongs to program error we have analysis the ABAP program through se3@
  •  If belongs to developer technique cancel the ABAP program.


first we will download the patches from the service to Trans Directory . In the trans Directory extract the patches using CAR command after that using SAPM we have to import patches into sap level and apply.

You can configure work processes through parameters in RZ1@Use “rdisp/no_wp_dia” for dialog and “rdisp/no_wp_btc” for background. Or you can configure operation modes for that through RZ04.

ST06 is OS Monitoring.
ST03 is used for - Monitor OS and Database and SAP System.

That depends on each transaction. Sometimes it is determined by other configuration and sometimes it is set according to system function, production or test/develop/demo/etc.

Three times of main Memory – at least 2GB.

There is no standard report. However, you can find out about the user’s last transaction time in table USR02 and field TRDAT, which is close to logoff time.

Yes, DDIC is hard coded to do some things other IDs cannot. But you should be able to activate tables in SE11 using a SAP_ALL user.

AL03,SM04,SM37,SP01,SM21 etc..

Depend upon the load, according to module we have to configure logon groups.

Any J2EE patches are applied while system is up and running but no activities. The only patch applied while system is down are binaries (ABAP kernel).

Yes, If we find load on application server then we have to create logon group (If the production department users are more than we have to create logon group for that department ).

Select all systems in a landscape and select for domain controller and type stms and give domain name and go to remaing systems and configure the same and come to dc and select configure and distribute option . Create transport route and paths .

A restart is often the solution. If it is an add-in and you have restarted your ABAP then you may be missing the profile parameters. If this is okay and a restart does not help look in the work directory and check dev_icontrol. If the J2EE engine software is the problem, applying a patch will solve the problem.

We can change the profile parameter from OS level. Its not recommended .

Through STMS_IMPORT or through FTP.

There are 7 types:
( Dialog , Enque , Update , Background,Spool,Message server,Gateway)

CPU, SWAP , Memory , Hard Disk Space.

The transport group for QA is misconfigured. Go to STMS, then Overview. Double-click QA and choose communication. Next enter the correct transport group and save.

You need a SAP Web dispatcher. It acts like a SAP Router but routes SAP ICM traffic. BW Web reporting is a BSP that sits on the ICM. You can look for sapwebdisp.exe in the kernel directory or do a self-generated profile using command option “bootstrap.”