Top 3 Sap Asap Interview Questions You Must Prepare 19.May.2024

‘ASAP BPML (Business Process Master Lists)’ are MS-Excel Sheets generated by the ASAP Q&A Database for facilitating configuration and testing of the system, and development of end user documentation. These lists become the central repository from which you build the individual master lists to manage the initial configuration, final configuration, final end-user integration testing, and any other end-user procedures including the documentation.

  1. ASAP Roadmap
  2. Knowledge Corner
  3. ASAP MS-Project Plan
  4. C-Maps (Collaborative Business Maps)
  5. Quick sizer
  6. Pre-Configured Solutions (Connect-and-Go, Smart Implementations, etc.)
  7. SAP Service Market Place

‘C-Maps’ or C-Business Maps (Collaborative Business Maps) represent a comprehensive portfolio of industry-specific and cross-industry process blueprints that show you how the e-business platform can help your business. These maps define the activities, roles, system interfaces, and business documents required for inter-enterprise collaboration. They also show which SAP Solutions and Services you need to make your organization a truly collaborative e-business.

C-Business Maps explain what happens when you deploy e-business solutions to integrate existing resources and transcend the borders of individual enterprises. They give you a complete picture of the benefits and advantages of collaborative business processes.