Top 19 Peoplesoft Finance Interview Questions You Must Prepare 24.Jun.2024

Q1. What Are Most Important Tables In Accounts Receivables In Peoplesoft?


Q2. Customization Is Done In Dev Db. Which Tool Can Be Used To Move It To Prod Db?

Use App Designer and Go Tools > Copy Project > To Database.

Q3. What Are The Statuses Available In Peoplesoft Domain Status Menu?

Server, Client and Queue Status.

Q4. What Are The Main Components For Setting The Hire Template In Peoplesoft?

  • Template Record/Field
  • Template Section
  • Template Category Table
  • Template Creation

Q5. What Are Main Business Processes Of Accounts Payable?

Payables Business process overview:

  • Create Vouchers and payments process using manual and automatic processes.
  • Country specific tax withholding.
  • Matching the vouchers with the purchase orders and receipts.
  • Post the vouchers.
  • Maintain vouchers throughout their life cycle.
  • Create drafts, single voucher payment, prepayments, and self-billed invoices.
  • Optionally, send electronic payments to PeopleSoft Financial Gateway.
  • Analyze accounts payable information using online inquiries, and by generating reports.
  • Archive accounts payable data.

Q6. What Is A Regulatory Region? What Is The Use Of Regulatory Region?

A regulatory region is a region which has laws and regulations that are used by functionality in PeopleSoft HRMS. A lot of tractions are driven by regulatory requirements. These requirements include areas like ethnicity, disability, and health and safety.

Benefits of using regulatory region:

When driven by Regulatory Region, the regulatory codes, People Code edits, and set processing in the system can vary by country and for each traction.

Q7. What Are The Different Payment Methods In Peoplesoft?

System Check and EFT are two of the most common Payment Methods used by enterprises. Apart from these, PeopleSoft Payables also supports many other Payment Methods.

They are:

Most Common Payment Methods:

  • System Check
  • Electronic Funds Trfer — EFT

Other Payment Methods:

  • Manual Check
  • Draft Customer Initiated
  • Draft Customer EFT
  • Draft Vendor Initiated
  • Automated Clearing House — ACH
  • Direct Debit
  • Giro-EFT
  • Giro-Manual
  • Letter of Credit
  • Wire Trfer

Q8. What Are The Main Attributes Of A Component Interface (ci)?

Keys, Properties & Collections, Methods and Name.

Q9. Does Application Messaging Work Between 8.1x And 8.4x Applications?

Application Messaging is used by PeopleSoft applications to communicate with one another. For example, the Financials Applications which are based on People Tools can communicate with HRMS applications, which are based on People Tools, using Application Messaging.

Q10. What Are The Voucher Staging Tables Available In Peoplesoft?

To load vouchers into PeopleSoft, we first load them into the Voucher Staging tables and then run the Voucher Build to create Vouchers from the staged data.


These are two staging tables used to load data through voucher build process into main voucher tables.


Q11. What Are The Methods Available To Update Workers Compensation Packages?

  • Seniority Pay Increases
  • Grade Advanced increases
  • Automatic step increases
  • Step increases using review bands
  • Amount increases
  • Percentage increases

Q12. What Are All The Statuses Used To Define Templates?

  • Test (Default Value)
  • Active
  • Inactive

Q13. List Out Different Kinds Of Organizational Relationships In Peoplesoft Hrms As Per The Person Model?

Different organization relationships a person can have are:

  • Employee
  • Contingent worker
  • Person of Interest

Q14. What Are Most Important Business Processes Of Accounts Receivable Modules?

  • Loading Pending items from Billing/External systems.
  • Entering Pending Recv items info into Pplsoft system and update the AR system with these data inputs (AR_UPDATE).
  • Entering any deposits recvd in the system and update the AR System (using AR_UPDATE).
  • Processing Refunds.
  • Worksheets (Payment/Maintenance/Trfer) for performing matching operations for inbound funds against outbound funds.
  • Predict Payments, Receive Payments through Lockboxes and update the AR system as items received. (AR_UPDATE).
  • Generate Accounting Entries for entries originated in PeopleSoft AR system / External system.

Q15. What Is Main Business Process Of Accounts Payable?

  • Create Vouchers and payments process using manual and automatic processes;
  • Matching the vouchers with the purchase orders and receipts;
  • Post the vouchers;
  • Maintain vouchers throughout their life cycle;
  • Create drafts, single voucher payment, prepayments, and self-billed invoices;
  • Optionally, send electronic payments to PeopleSoft
  • Financial Gateway;
  • Analyze accounts payable information using online;
  • inquiries, and by generating reports;

Q16. Is It Possible For A Peopletools 8.4 Xs And A Peopletools 8.1x Database To Run On The Same Machine?

Yes, it’s possible. But it’s important to verify that the database version required by People Tools is the same as for the current People Tools x implementation.

Q17. Which People Code Event Is Fired After The Database Is Updated?


Q18. What Is The P2p Cycle?

This Process includes Procurement to Payment cycle.

  • Requisition
  • Purchase Order
  • Receipt
  • Voucher
  • Payment

Q19. What Are Parts Of An Ae Program?

Section, Step and Action.