Top 29 Oracle Iexpense Interview Questions You Must Prepare 14.Jun.2024

There is project accounting generator which is responsible for understanding the total value of expense for the accounts. The definition of the accounting is attached with the type of expense which is present in the setup of expense template form and that is the main reason why it is ignored.

Ideally the main cause of the problem is because of the report of the expense which as earlier rejected with reason “No Exchange Rate”. To make sure that solution is implemented in a right manner, it is important to first create a define for the exchange rate which needs to be valid. The exchange rate must be associated with the rejected report of expense. Then it is important to re-run again the whole program and migrate the final solution which would be suitable to other environment.

Certainly, when you go from the oracle iexpense mini pack 11IE.K and the applications that get releases onwards, you need to understand that oracle will not henceforth support the payable expense report of the audit activities. However, to available the features of 11i.OIE.J, it is important for the Oracle to support the expense report form for the entry activities that are actually made for the expenses. Besides, there will also be no further enhancement of the features that would be made to the expense reports form present in the Oracle payable.

It is certainly not possible for the managers to do that as they are given responsibility to approve the whole report expense of the entire group.

In today’s time of digitalization, you can relive for the fact that there is the exception data possible to be viewed online. For this, you need to visit the tab called Expenses Export which is available in the Expenses Auditor responsibilities. Besides, such type of result is available in different query pages which includes internet expense auditor then expense export then comes the export results.

To make sure the desired solution is well implemented, it is important to execute the steps such as:

Log in as a payable manager where the responsibility to operate the unit with this issue is givenThen navigate the Setup -> Tax -> E-Business Tax Home. To name the task, you can keep it as ‘Create Application Tax Options’, in which you need to go to the task section.

In the system, there is asset number which automatically gets created one by one. There are also times which it eventually skips the sequence. Suppose, there is a close period with the last asset number say 326 and if  we come up with the next period, you get the asset number say 32@This me there has been one asset which is miss that is 327 and 32@There can also be times when without even getting up the new number, you would have to close the period. So make it a point that you carefully understand the asset number generation concept and then use it further.

There are different types of options such as oracle payable, projects, grant account, approval management and application framework to name a few. Before running it with any other application, it is important to understand whether it can work and be compatible with it or not. This would save your valuable time.

There are five different workflow process which includes expense holds, expenses regular, credit cards, expense analysis and expense receipts to name a few. Such type of option is advised to make sure work flow is done in a smooth manner that too without any kind of issue. 

To make sure credit card program is established then definition of program and accounting is done. Furthermore it also increases creating the matching rule for employee and ensuring that credit card all the policies set is well described.

Yes, certainly there is a support patcheset . It is generally the baseline patchset which is need for the OIE 11i which is 11 i.OIE. K. @However there needs to be application of the patch on 11i.OIE.K.

Yes certainly there are options available by the name of validation report, traction loader, outstanding charges report, and invoice interface to name a few. To use them, generally two types of windows are used namely Credit Card Programs window and Credit Cards window. If you are planning to use it as a part of type of expenditure, then one has to understand that it needs to be set up to the class of "Expense Reports".

It is the R12 OIE allocation which is reason but the fix for such type of bug is still a part of Patch 6251856.

Generally it is the 6153249 bug account which creates the space after the initially entry which is made in the manual expense report. However, there is a good fixation of such bug available.

There are some work areas which is called private SQL. private SQL is used by Oracle to create the SQL statement. PL/SQL helps to identify each e=work which is used it is called Cursor. For any kind of query which is related to returning to a single row, it is important to declare the implicit cursor. For the queries or issues that are related on returning to more than a single row, the cursor required the declaration of explicitly.

Certainly, it is not possible to do that which cannot be used for the approval process of the expense.

The use of Purchase Req is made through forms while the use of iProc is made through the web page.

It is used with the perfect combination of load and validating concurrent programs which includes Mastercard CDF traction loader and program of validation, Mastercard CDF3 traction loader, American express traction loader and program of validation, Diner’s club traction loader and program of validation, US Bank visa traction loader and program of validation to name a few.

The main reason that iProc is advised because it is a user friendly solution and GUI which is another solution that comes with lot of features that you will be able to explore at the time of checkout.

There are times when in spite of auto generation of Asset number, there would be few skills. At such point of time, you can create a way out to fill up the gaps. The fixation requires the check that needs to be made on the table called Fa_distribution_history. It would give you a clear idea on which all are the missing gaps and thus you can trace it to assess where it is created be it in FA or PA.

It is not possible since the workflow of the AME process will not make the complete utilization as there are OIE that restricts down the signing limit data. That is the main reason why value does not need to be entered as a part of setup within the applications that are payables.

Often it becomes confusing in the two concepts that are credit card functionality and the functionality of the procurement card. Since both the tow functions depends on different self service, tables, user interface, workflow process and even the processing window, you can expect the difference between the two in a wider manner.

Ideally, you can do it in manual basis which is categorized into two things that is imported it from the spreadsheet template and then imported it from a credit card provider.

There is no hard and fast rule to configure the expense report numbers. However, to configure the expense report number such as customize the expense report number format, you need to include the things such as employee id and the expense date report that was submitted earlier. To make sure this process goes in a smooth manner, you need to create the customize option of the expense report for which it is important to modify the plsql function.

which is AP_WEB_OA_CUSTOM_PKG.GetNewExpenseReportInvoice.You cana lso use the Internet Expenses source for the current numbering sequence which is AP_WEB_OA_CUSTOM_PKG.GetNewExpenseReportInvoice. The location of this function is present in the directpry of $AP_TOP/patch/115/sql/apwcstmb.pls. That you can find easily.

Yes there is it includes:


Understand that such type of solution needs to be well understood and then move ahead. Since, a single mistake in it will not be able to make the task run properly.

There are multiple ways that can be used for creating the payment of CC traction. It includes the payment to be made for the credit card company which includes the role of employee. Then comes the payment to be made to the credit card company which includes the role of company. There is also the complication of payment to be made to the credit card company which includes the role of both employee and the company.

It is an interesting concept and an online tool that is especially designed for submitting and ensure that expense of the business is well processed for the faculty and staff.

If there is a profile option which is called as “AME: Installed” and if its mode is set to ‘YES’ then it is possible to create the rules for approving up the set up in the section of Oracle approval management. But if the setup is already no then you will have to use the approval process of supervisor or the employee for results.

It is important to implement the solution which includes the steps such as payable needs to be lo in

Then navigation needs to be set Setup -> Lookups -> Purchasing

Then type ‘VENDOR TYPE’

During this process, it is important to ensure that the employee code is not end dated and is well enabled.