Top 16 Oracle Financials Interview Questions You Must Prepare 14.Jun.2024

  1. Company
  2. Cost center
  3. Account
  4. Product
  5. Future use.

Flexfield Qualifiers is used to identify the segments. Various types of flexfield qualifiers are listed below:

  • Balancing Segment Qualifier.
  • Cost Center segment Qualifier.
  • Natural Account Segment Qualifier.
  • Intercompany Segment Qualifier.

  • The situation you mentioned is the reasons why you should not change invoices that are accounted for. This can also happen when the J/E is changed since the AR trfer to GL creates unnoted J/E. Changing the said invoices puts GLA and the sub ledger out of sync.
  • You need to set the journal source for receivables so that the update flag is not enabled.
  • In AR, don’t change invoices that are there. Instead use DM and CM functionality to adjust invoices or create new ones.

You have just found out that database would not start correctly in getting the error in identifying control file:

  • Go to the COMMON_TOP/admin/install directory/u202/train/d01/oracle/prodcomn/admin/create.
  • To solve this, run “”. This created the control file.
  • Restart the database, and then try connecting to applications which will complete the connection.

Below are the Profiles Level available in oracle apps:

  1. Site(Lowest level)
  2. Application
  3. Responsibility
  4. User.


  • Unique identifier
  • Stored in segment Column


  • Is used to capture additional information
  • Stored in attribute Column

You will need to check your Fa_distribution_history table to see if you are missing gaps there and then trace it to where assets where created, either in FA or in PA.

max 30 segments and min two.

Profile: Profile is the changeable option that affects the way your application runs.

There are two types of profile:

  1. System defined
  2. User defined

In order to create a new set of database Oracle Finance and program in the same machine, you will need to create a new instance. You can create the new instance in the same machine.

Flex field is used to capture information of your Organisations.

  • Functional Currency
  • Foreign currency.

In simple and layman words:-

  1. Open the period
  2. Create Journal Enteries
  3. Post the Journals.

  1. Module KFF
  2. GL Accounting FF
  3. AP No KFF
  4. AR Sales tax Location FF
  5. Territory Flexfield.

Different types of Calendars are listed below:

  • Fiscal
  • Accounting