Top 18 Microsoft Project Interview Questions You Must Prepare 24.Jun.2024

Q1. Explain What Kind Of Task Is A Milestone?

Milestone is one of the most important tasks in the project which get adjusted to a time scale of zero duration. It is like a short term goal of the project.

Q2. How Do You Add Or Delete A Standard Or Custom Column/field?

There are a number of different methods – including:

  • Model all resource participation at 80% available time
  • Change the default calendar to 6 hour work days
  • Create weekly, 5-day (duration) tasks, for 1-4 (effort) hours per week, and assign everybody to this task Candidate should be able to talk about the pros and cons of whatever method they select.

Q3. Explain How You Can Format A Gantt Chart On Ms Project?

To format a Gantt chart on MS project:

  1. First you have to click on Format icon from main menu bar
  2. Click customize quick access toolbar, which is last on the corner above menu bar
  3. click on more components ->  select on, comments not in pattern
  4. click on Gantt Chart Wizard and then click add and ok
  5. Once Gantt chart wizard setup, it will open a window that displays various setting like standard, critical path, baseline and other for your Gantt chart. You can select option according to requirement and click next
  6. Likewise, you can also set information like resources and dates, resources or dates alone
  7. Once you exit wizard, basic formatting like color, font size and appearance can be changed from the main menu ( FORMAT) it self.

Q4. What Are Things To Look Out For Before Excel File Importing In The Software?

The following are the things that you should keep an eye out for when you importing an excel file.

  • Select the excel fields from the file that you want to be mapped in the software.
  • *  Every field is not needed to be imported into the Project, and you get to leave out the field that you do not need.
  • Make sure that you include the column header while importing.
  • The fields that stay blank in the excel file will remain blank in the project as well.
  • The start and the finish that you have put in the excel file will be imported into the project as the start and finish constraints of the task.
  • One has to make sure that he checks the file format that he has used in the excel file as that is what dictates the map selection choice viewing.

Q5. What Is The Utility Of Work Contouring In The Software? Name The Different Types Of Contouring That Are Used In The Ms Project.

A Project manager needs to know the spreading of the work hours during the week. This is facilitated by the work contouring feature of the software. It shows you a graph according to the distribution of the work in the week.

  • A flat contour shows evenness in the distribution of work in the week.
  • The peak of activity at the end of the project is shown by the back loaded option.
  • The peak of activity at the beginning of the project is shown with the front loading option.
  • There are only two major peaks in the project known as double peaks- once in the beginning and one at the end.
  • When the activity rises at a peak at the earliest in the project, it is known as the early peak.
  • When the same thing as back loading comes with a ramp, it is known as the late peak.
  • The singular peak in the middle of the project is known as bell.
  • When there is both ramps down and up in a bell, it is known as a turtle.

Q6. How Will Create Work Breakdown In Outlining Structure?

An outline can be created by giving a project name. Select all the necessary items under the heading and then press the indent option. The things will line up, and the items will be seen in bold format.

Q7. What Are Your Favorite Ms Task Books/internet Sites?

Mission making pl, estimating, tracking, and conversation is possibly the most complex, nuanced region that Microsoft’s circle of relatives of workplace-related applications hopes to aid. experienced, professional PMs have to be actively looking to enlarge their ability sets with a ramification of sources.

Q8. Have You Ever Completed Any Vba Automation With Ms Project?

This isn’t as commonplace as Excel programming, however, it’d deliver some perception into their depth of expertise of the assignment “database”. a few oldsters automate look/feel troubles, so printouts always appearance the same (consistency breeds familiarity). different uses macros for mainly intricate utilization or cost calculations. The candidate ought to be able to glibly describe the benefits and challenges of automation with this tool.

Q9. What Made You Select The Certification For The Project?

The project comes with some huge advantages for the ones seeking jobs in the fields of project handling. It enables a person to handle multiple projects with ease and get the job done in time. It makes a person better equipped to coordinate the work of all the workers under him. The integration and management of tasks become easy which makes the project manager a major troubleshooter for the company. He ensures that the tasks are completed systematically and efficiently.

Q10. What Is The Use Of Setting Up Time Exception In The Latest Version Of The Project?

The time exception setting in the latest version of the project is used to change the available work hours for certain day of work.

Q11. Mention The Sorts Of Task Links In Ms Mission 2013?

There are four forms of task links in MS mission:

  • Finish to begin link: in this link, the second venture cannot be initiated till the first task is finished.
  • Begin to begin hyperlink: in this hyperlink, the second task can start at any time after the first assignment is initiated.
  • End to complete hyperlink: in this link, the mission does no longer should stop at the same time, the second challenge can quit every time after the first venture is ended.
  • Start to finish link: on this hyperlink, the second mission can’t finish until the first task begins.

Q12. Give An Explanation For How You Can Evaluate Budget Useful Resource Values In Ms Mission?

Go to aid utilization view ( View -> aid usage).

Upload finances value, work, finances paintings and price columns to the desk if they may be not there already.

Faucet on the drop-down arrow to the proper of the resource call column heading and then pick out “institution with the aid of” -> custom organization, in order to group the aid by custom resource check field.

Tap on the down arrow in the field call cellular in the organization through row section, after that within the drop-down list of resource fields, pick out the name of the custom textual content subject to your budget categories and then click observe.

Now inside the group precise rows, examine the budget get price or budget paintings values to the cost or work values concurrently.

To dismantle the organization, you could select NO groups by clicking down arrow to the proper of the useful resource call column heading.

Q13. What Do Know About The Benefit Of Leveling Of Resources In The Software?

This one is being held as the best tool introduced in the software in its latest version. This one has made the job a lot easier for those are engaged in multitasking. This tool prevents any kind of over allocation of job to the employees. This can be better explained by using an example. If there are two projects namely X (allotted time of 3 days) and Y (allotted time of 5 days). By using this tool, the project X's work will be scheduled for the first two days and then the next two days will be for the work of the project Y. then on the last day, you will come back to the project X. This eases out the job and makes completing it relatively easier than before.

Q14. How Are The Budget Resource Values Shown In The Software?

Viewing on the budget resource value is really easy when one uses the project. The first step is going to the resource usage option under the view menu. You can add the different heads here if they are not already present in the table. These heads can range from budget, work and budget costing. In the right side of the column name, you will find an arrow that allows group of the resources as needed. The next step is the selection is the selection of the drop down list of resources to group the rows. Here you can select the options that contain the categories for budget and then apply. In the summary group of rows, you can compare budget cost and work values at the same time. You can dismantle this group as and when you want by going on the arrow that is on the right side of the name of the resources name heading.

Q15. Explain What Is The Use Of Work Contour In Ms Project? What Are The Different Types Of Contour You Use In Ms Project?

In MS project work, contour displays the distribution of working hours over the duration of the task.The graph will show the peak according the work distribution over the week.

Flat: Such contour signifies an even distribution of work

Back-loaded: It will show the peak activity at the end of the project

Front-loaded: It will show the peak working activity at the opening of the project

Double peak: It will show two major periods of peak activity

Early peak: It is same as the front loaded but with the rise to peak activity

Late peak: It is same as a back loaded contour with a ramp

Bell: It shows a single peak in the central of the project

Turtle: A bell with a ramp up and down

Q16. Mention The Top Features Of The Gantt Basics Chart?

The top six features of Gantt are as follows:

  1. The display pattern shows a single task in a row.
  2. The dates are depicted in an increasing pattern according to the time taken for the project.
  3. The horizontal bar displays the time of the beginning and the time of ending each of the tasks in the project.
  4. It gives three options for running the tasks namely, overlap, sequential and parallel.
  5. It gives a chart with a bar diagram that shows the proportion of the work that has been done until the time that has been taken.
  6. The completed work is shown on the left, and the pending ones are shown to the right.

Q17. Listing Out The Types Of Responsibilities Utilized In Ms Challenge?

There are foremost four kinds of obligations:

Precis duties: It includes subtasks and their associated houses

Subtasks: it is a smaller mission that is part of a precise task

Routine obligations: these are the tasks that fall within normal durations

Milestones: these are the top precedence mission which might be adjusted to 0 lengths and are like quick-term goals in the venture

Q18. Explain A Way To Set Work Time Exception In Undertaking 2013?

To adjust them to be had working hours in undertaking 2013 for a particular day, you need to change the work time exception settings. for you to do that Choose the task and trade the running time.

At the calendar pick the day you want to alternate.

Click the exception tab to display it, it’ll show a column with the call cell in a blank row, kinda name for the exception and press enter.

Tap the exception call you entered in step three after which click on the info button. it’s going to open an element dialog box for this exception. where you’ll make the setting consistent with your requirement like running time, recurrent sample and range of recurrence.