Top 20 Microsoft Onenote Interview Questions You Must Prepare 02.Mar.2024

To insert data as file attachment in OneNote:

  • Open you OneNote page and place the cursor where you want the attachment to appear. Take note that the attachment will appear to the right or below the cursor.
  • Click on INSERT tab and select FILE ATTACHMENT with icon showing paperclip.
  • Browse the file you want, select it, and then click insert.
  • Select your file from the folder and it will appear on your OneNote.

To use a different template in one note, you have to go to Insert -> Page Templates, and select the template you like. 

Various types of templates available in OneNote are:

  • Academic: Simple lecture Notes, Detailed Lecture Notes, and History Class Notes.
  • Blank: Statement, Letter, A4, Postcard.
  • Business: Project overview, simple meeting notes 1, personal meeting notes, etc.
  • Decorative: Blue wave title, Blue stripe title, Blue mist margin etc.
  • Planners: Prioritized to do list, Simple to do list, Project to do list.

When any file from the master file is changed or deleted while working offline, and then come online, one note will place such file in misplaced sections. In other words, when one note fails to sync or append some changes from the local cache to the file’s master copy, it will go in misplaced section.

Do the following:

  • Double-tap your notebook, section, or page. (If you're using a mouse, right click your notebook, section or page.)
  • Choose Copy Link to.
  • Paste the URL into the Address box in Internet Explorer.

With OneNote, you can store and sync notebooks either on a One Drive account or on a SharePoint server. One Drive is a free cloud-based storage option that’s best for personal use; SharePoint is typically used in larger organizations. New notebooks that you create in OneNote are automatically stored on One Drive. If you want to create new notebooks on SharePoint or Office 365, you must first create them with the desktop version of OneNote.

OneNote supports notebooks that are in the OneNote 2010-2013 format. Notebooks that were created with older desktop versions of OneNote, such as OneNote 2007 or OneNote 2003 must first be converted to the 2010-2013 file formats before OneNote can open and read them. You can convert notebooks in the desktop version of OneNote.

It’s likely that OneNote hasn't had a chance yet to sync your notes. Try launching OneNote and then manually sync the notebook.

Microsoft One Note: It is a computer program, where an individual can write, paste and organize digital information and can store text notes, photos, audio and video snippets, unlike MS word.

MS word: MS word is more used as a writing platform with moderate availability of formatting and designing tools. The use of MS word is limited to official purpose and academics.

Apart from the default, you can also customize the TAG.  In HOME ribbon, you will see “FIND TAG” option, when you click on it, It will open another window.  At the bottom of the window, you will see option “Customize Tags”. When you click on it, again it will open a small window where you can modify the tag as per your requirement.

OneNote allows you to capture just about anything. Type notes, record audio, create a quick sketch, add pictures, videos, and any other document. Then organize everything into notebooks, sections, and pages. OneNote can be as structured or as unstructured as you want it to be. And because all your notes are in the cloud, OneNote lets you switch devices and pick up right where you left off.

Last but certainly not least, integration! You can take note in OneNote while on a phone call, quickly add check-boxes turning the notes into a to-do list. Then, add an Outlook flag to remind you to follow up later. Or link an Outlook calendar appointment to an OneNote page and share the notes to everyone in the meeting. The possibilities are endless.

You can view the authors and versions in OneNote 2013 via the history tab, which includes.

  • Next Unread: It will move to the next unread change.
  • Mark as Read: You can choose to mark a change as read or unread or select to show or hide changes in a notebook altogether.
  • Recent Edits: You can see the changes made to the content in last days or even weeks. The bottom option enables you to show all pages sorted by date.
  • Find by Author: This option allows you to show the result according to date or author’s name. At the right side corner, a search field with a drop down menu will appear that allows you to change your search from section group, the entire notebook or all notebooks.
  • Page version: It allows you to view all page versions and even delete various configuration of page version.

You can convert the handwriting into text that can be formatted.

To do this:

  • Open a note page that has your handwriting on it.
  • Select the DRAW tab and click on the INK to Text button. OneNote will automatically convert into text whatever it sees as text-like.
  • If your handwriting is not converted into text, then use LASSO tool to select the text that did not convert.
  • After selecting, right click or press and hold on the targeted text. In the popup menu that appears; select TREAT SELECTED INK AS and then select HANDWRITING from the submenu.

You can fix these rendering problems by disabling hardware rendering in OneNote. Hardware rendering improves the overall performance of OneNote, but on certain graphics hardware, hardware rendering can cause rendering problems.

To audio or video record on one note 2013, you have to go to FILE menu ->Click OPTIONS -> and then click on AUDIO and VIDEO option. This will enable you to take notes through Audio/Video records.

You can use TAGS to organize your data and also to locate your data in a notebook. Tags are like hashtags in social networking sites marked with a specific tag. To use TAG you can go in HOME in the main menu -> Use any of the TAG from the sub-menu for your file.  Now in main HOME when you click on “FIND TAG” button, then it will show the result according to the TAG you have chosen.

When you try to insert a picture from your camera for the first time, OneNote will ask for your permission to use it. If you decline and try inserting a picture again later, you may see the error message, “This app needs permissions to use your camera. You can change this in the app’s settings.”

  • Swipe in from the right side of the screen and on the bar that appears, choose Settings (if you're using a mouse, move it to the upper-right corner to reveal the bar).
  • At the bottom of the Settings pane that appears, choose PC Settings.
  • On the PC Settings screen, click or tap Privacy.
  • On the Privacy screen, click or tap Webcam.
  • Make sure webcam permissions are set to on and then turn the OneNote permissions to on.

To take a screen shot in OneNote, there are three methods that are used:

  • Open one note -> Go to the main menu and click on INSERT tab -> It will open a menu, where you can see options Screen Clipping. Click on it and it will take a screen shot of the page.
  • Shortcut -> Go to the notification area of the task bar -> Look for the one note icon -> Right click on the icon and it displays the option “Create Screen Clipping” -> Click on it to take screen shot.
  • Using windows short cut key -> Use Win+s and it will take a screen shot.

  • In order to share OneNote, open the page you want to share, and then select that page. A thick border around the page will indicate that the page is selected.
  • Swipe from the right side of the screen to the left and then select the SHARE option.
  • Select the share option, for example, mail address.
  • Fill all the details in the target application and then tap SHARE/SEND.

You probably have two versions of OneNote on your computer: the Windows 8 OneNote app and the OneNote 2013 desktop version. The Windows 8 app is simply called OneNote—as you'll see on the Windows start screen. It's great for working on the go, and is optimized for touch. It's a full-screen app and features a radial menu. Learn more about basic tasks in the Windows 8 OneNote app.

To check and see if you have both versions of OneNote, click or tap the Search icon in the upper-right corner of the Windows 8 Start screen and type OneNote. If you have both versions, you'll see OneNote and OneNote 2013 appear in the search results.

Although you can sign up for multiple One Drive accounts, only one can be associated with OneNote. To open a notebook from another account (whether it’s another one of your own or someone else’s account), make sure it’s shared with your primary One Drive account. As soon as it’s been shared, you should see the notebook listed under Files shared with you in your primary One Drive account. Right-click or tap and hold on the notebook and select Open in OneNote from the context menu to open the notebook in OneNote.

Although your OneNote files are stored online, they’re private unless you choose otherwise. When you open notebooks shared on One Drive or SharePoint, OneNote will automatically honor the permissions that you’ve already set for the folders containing your notebook files.