Top 15 Microsoft Office 365 Interview Questions You Must Prepare 24.May.2024

Yes. Yammer and SharePoint already can be connected using available web parts to pull in data from Yammer, and Open Graph technology to push information from 3rd party systems into the Yammer stream. (MJF: Here's Microsoft's timetable for fully integrating Yammer and SharePoint . On the pricing side, March 1 is an important milestone date.)

Office 365 now offers SkyDrive Pro for personal document management and sharing. It is accessible across OSes and devices, and comes with the powerful backend of SharePoint Online for versioning, backup/restore, review management, and direct integration with the Office Web Apps.

We are including Office Web Apps included in E1, which enables even more of our customers to get use of Office Web Apps while simplifying our lineup. E2 will continue to be available for existing customers.

I've seen a bit of confusion about what constitutes an upgrade vs. an update in Office 365 land. The easiest way to think about this is an upgrade is a whole new version of Office 365 (similar to what a new release would be in Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and/or Office). An update is a set of more minor fixes and updates, which the Office 365 team has said it pl to provide quarterly to those using the hosted services.

Project Online is an additional service to Office 365 E Pl which delivers enterprise Project, Program and Portfolio Management. (MJF: The same is true of Visio Online).

Microsoft's Office site has comparison information for small business users and midsize/enterprise users.

You can mix pl within a plan family so yes you can mix Enterprise E1, E3, E4, K1 pl. You can also mix Small Business pl P1 and P2 pl. M pl cannot be mixed with any others.

Existing customers on the P1 version of Office 365 will be able to upgrade to the Midsize Business SKU later this year. New Office 365 Small Business and Small Business Premium customers will also be able to upgrade to the Midsize Business SKU later this year.

Office 365 ProPlus can be installed side-by-side with previous versions of Office.

You'll find more details on support for various types of devices here. (MJF: As my CNET colleague Jay Greene noted yesterday, Microsoft still isn't saying anything new/more about pl to make Office available on the iPad.)

7GB, up from 500MB in the previous Office 365 experience.

The service upgrade for existing Office 365 customers is progressing now. Once you are notified of the upgrade you can defer that one time for 45-60 days. For more information about the service upgrade refer to:

Students and teachers who have been using SKyDrive with Live@edu will continue to have access to their documents and files stored on SkyDrive. They can easily move files between their consumer SkyDrive and SkyDrive Pro provided by the organizations with Office 365.There is no way for an organization to move these files on behalf of the user.

Office 365 ProPlus - the Office 365 version of the Office 2013 suite is made available to existing Office 365 subscribers with an eligible subscription today using the Office Deployment Tool. It will also be available directly in Office 365 once your tenant has been upgraded. 

Yes. They are available now for the New Office 365.