Top 22 Mechatronics Engineering Interview Questions You Must Prepare 02.Mar.2024

Closed loop control systems is a control system which has feed back to correct the input to get the preferred output.

Digital to analog conversion is less complex than Analog to digital conversion.

Since the DAC conversion is easier and required lesser circuit components.

The relationship between the input and output, when the input is invariant with respect to time.

  • When this characteristic is related to the system, then it is called as response of a system.
  • And when this characteristic is related to the instrument, then it is called as characteristic of an instrument.
  • The characteristic of an instrument is referred as the relationship between input and output of an instrument.
  • When the input signal is static or does not vary with respect to time, then the relationship between input and output of that instrument is called as static characteristic of instrument.
  • Even if the variation of input with respect to time is slow, it is considered as static.

Response of a system:

  • The characteristic that provides an output with respect to the relation with the input is called as response of a system.
  •  When an input is given to a particular system or instrument, it results an output in some form.
  •  The output of a system or an instrument changes with the change in its input. - This concludes that the output and the input of the system or instrument have some definite relationship.
  •  This relationship is studied under some characteristics of the system or instrument.
  •  When it is related to the system, then it is called as response of the system.

Mechatronics engg will be usefull to company because you may select machanical engg for mechanical maintenance and u may select electronics engg for electronics maintenance .but mechatronics engg can handle both. so you may help your company in this cost cutting timing.

Total costs depend on your specific product or service and the licensing package.

Mechatronics engineer is like a joker, he can play many rules according to his wide knowledge fields he knows.

you should have basics of  

  1. Back ground of how some systems work
  2. system components (Sensors, Actuators, Controllers)
  3. Electronics
  4. CNC Machines
  5. MC & plc

An encoder is a device, circuit, trducer, software program, algorithm or person that converts information from one format or code to another, for the purposes of standardization, speed, secrecy, security, or saving space by shrinking size.

Mechatronics is a blend of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer control and information technology. Mechatronics is a design process to create more functional and adaptable products.
Integration of electronics, control engineering and Mechanical engineering
concept of working smarter –not harder –and to inexpensively get the most work done


  1. Products produced are cost effective and of very good quality.
  2. The performance characteristics of mechatronics products are such which are otherwise very difficult to achieve without the synergistic combination.
  3. High degree of flexibility.
  4. A mechatronics product can be better than just sum of its parts.
  5. Greater extent of machine utilisation.
  6. Due to the integration of sensors and control systems in a complex system, capital expenses are reduced
  7. Owing to the incorporation of intelligent, self correcting sensory and feedback systems, the mechatronic approach results in - greater productivity - higher quantity and producing reliability.

Disadvantages :

  1. High initial cost of the system.
  2. Imperative to have knowledge of different engineering fields for design and implementation.
  3. Specific problems for various systems will have to be addressed separately and properly.
  4. It is expensive to incorporate mechatronics approach to an existing/old system.

  • Actuators & Amplifiers with electrical auxiliary energy.
  • As the systems in the devices such as watches and cameras are very small and complicated, there is a need of an amplification.
  •  It cannot be done by pure mechanical designs.
  •  Therefore, both the amplifiers and actuators with electrical auxiliary energy are used for considerable amplification in the devices like watches, cameras, electrical typewriters, etc.
  •  The microcomputers which are in connection with decentralized electrical drives are introduced for the result of a considerable amplification in the mechanics such as watches, automatic gears, etc.

Stepper motors are used where precise angular movements are required in a system. Also it has the following.

  1. It can rotate in both directions.
  2. It can move in precise angular increments.
  3. It can sustain a holding torque at zero speed.
  4. It can be controlled with digital circuits.

over all heat Coefficient.

There is no difference… technically Both are logic controller… used for so many applications and in PLC has it’s own internal memory ( compared to Logic card ) Logic card also called PCB and PLC is combined version of Logic card and memory.

  1. The need
  2. Analysis of the problem
  3. Preparation of a specification
  4. Generation of possible solutions
  5. Selections of a suitable solution
  6. Production of a detailed design
  7. Production of working drawings

Random Access Memory (RAM).

Explanation: Because RAM only performs this operation as it is a temporary storage.

Mechatronics engg will be usefull to company because you may select mechanical engg for mechanical maintenance and u may select electronics engg for electronics maintenance .but mechatronics engg can handle both. so you may help your company in this cost cutting timing.

  • In open loop system, the output does not affect the process in any way, as it works on open loop.
  • The open loop control system always proceeds in the same predefined manner until it is switched off.
  • This can be represented by block diagram

  • Mechatronics engineers design or select sensors and actuators, develop control algorithms and use or develop advanced functional materials for the design of mechanical systems such as chassis stabilising systems, anti-lock brakes, engine control units, disk drives, cameras, service and surgical robots and artificial hearts.
  • Very often mechatronics engineers are generalists rather than specialists.
  • Mechatronics systems are used nearly everywhere in society. They range from CD and DVD players to computer hard disks, anti-lock braking systems, and "fly-by-wire" control systems for commercial jets. Each of these products is essentially mechanical in nature, but could not function without electrical and computer control systems.

  • It is used to store data and perform arithmetic and logical operations.
  • Result of an operation is stored in accumulator.
  • It is a register and a part of ALU.

It has colour code because there r so many resistance in circuit and if any one will be burn then after dis-soldering we can see the resistance value easily by color code. now a day in resistance it has writen its own value on it.

Change in heat stored) / (Change in temperature)