Top 50 Marketing Research Interview Questions You Must Prepare 14.Jun.2024

The FTC weighs several factors, including FTC jurisdiction. Although, the FTC has jurisdiction over ads for most products and services, Congress has given other government agencies the authority to investigate advertising by airlines, banks, insurance companies, telephone and cable companies, and companies that sell securities and commodities.

With the geographic scope of the advertising campaign, the FTC concentrates on national advertising and refers local matters to state, county or city agencies. The extent to which, an ad represents a pattern of deception, rather than an individual dispute between a consumer and a business or a dispute between two competitors.

Penalties are considered on the nature of violation the company has done by using a deceptive ad.
Usually penalties could be as follow:

  • Civil penalties
  • Cease and desist orders
  • Consumer redress
  • Monetary compensation

In order to determine the success of advertising, we must have measures in place that can determine the return of advertising investment

In my opinion, ezine advertising is the most effective form of advertising used on the Internet. Not only is it cost-effective, but it also provides a great way to reach your target audience.

The key to using ezine advertising effectively is to target your audience and track your response. You must test the effectiveness of both your ad and the publication in which you are advertising. This will enable you to determine which ads are pulling the most response, and which publications are providing you with the highest response rates.

No spider ever has indexed every link on the Internet. The Internet is growing so fast that it is difficult for any to keep up. There is a strong chance that every page on YOUR website will be indexed, and that every link on each of your Web pages will be followed.

Generally, when a new site is launched, a search engine spider will index the home page only. On subsequent visits, the spider will go deeper and deeper into your site, over a period of time that is determined by the number and quality of links from other websites that point to your website. Getting your site listed in the major directories will accelerate the time it takes to have your site fully spidered. Remember, links from directories are links to your website. Google specifically recommends submitting your site to Yahoo and to The Open Directory if you're having trouble getting indexed by the Google spider.

Yes. Vermont law also imposes criminal penalties on telemarketers who call a Vermont telephone number without having first registered with the Vermont Secretary of State, unless the company is a federally-regulated financial institution (e.g. a federal bank), or is already regulated by, or registered or licensed with, one of the following Vermont governmental agencies: Secretary of State, Public Service Board, Department of Banking, Insurance, Securities and Health Care Administration, or Department of Taxes.

Google is by far the most used search engine today. In addition to providing Web search at its home page,, Google also provides web search results to several of the most popular Internet destinations, including Yahoo! [Note: As of 02/18/2004, Yahoo! no longer uses Google as its default search engine.] and AOL. Google does far more than 200 million (>200,000,000) searches every day through That number was reported by Google all the way back in 2001, and they have consistently refused to update it, but you can be assured that Google does substantially more than 200,000,000 searches every day through

WebCMO is a web site dedicated to web marketing research. WebCMO stands for Web Chief Marketing Officer.

We named our web site by defining our customers. WebCMO is for Web marketers.

I have two hats at WebCMO. As director of research, I am responsible for identifying web marketers' needs and conducting research studies to provide useful marketing information. As the Editor of Journal of Web Marketing Research, I am responsible for creating an online community.

Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) is a non-proprietary redundancy protocol described in RFC 3768 designed to increase the availability of the default gateway servicing hosts on the same subnet. This increased reliability is achieved by advertising a "virtual router" (an abstract representation of master and backup routers acting as a group) as a default gateway to the host(s) instead of one physical router. Two or more physical routers are then configured to stand for the virtual router, with only one doing the actual routing at any given time.

If the current physical router that is routing the data on behalf of the virtual router fails, an arrangement is made for another physical router to automatically replace it. The physical router that is currently forwarding data on behalf of the virtual router is called the master router. Physical routers standing by to take over from the master router in case something goes wrong are called backup routers.

Email marketing is used much differently than search marketing. Email can be used for demand creation, and as a friendly notification of the products and services you provide. Search marketing is more efficient for acquiring visitors, and is based on the premise that the visitor is looking for what you offer.

Understanding the target customer guides us in making the right advertising decisions, from what to say to which medium to use.

In many jurisdictions, companies are legally required to charge no more than the advertised or shelf price for a product, so good pricing practices are important for both customer satisfaction and a company's bottom line.

The true evaluative tool to compare the efficiency of one medium to another is cost per thousand or CPM.

Yes. Offering a money-back guarantee is not a substitute for substantiation. Advertisers still must have proof to support their claims.

Also known as an organic search, these are the search results that most people think of when they use a search engine. Unlike a sponsored link or a paid for placement, natural search results get presented as a direct result of the search engine's indexing and search algorithms. Usually you do not pay for a natural search listing.

Today Internet is one of the easiest me to advertise which in turn helps marketers to consume. There are certain rules, which have to be followed and applied as similar to other forms of advertising. Those rules will help business and consumers to maintain the internet credibility, which is a highly effective advertising medium.

We can develop marketing research programs and customer satisfaction surveys designed specifically to meet your information requirements.

Have a clear vision of your target market and carefully assess the products you are offering. The advertising materials have to communicate effectively who you are and what you offer.

Because this is economical and 24hours in show the client

When using professional consultants, the justification is abundantly clear - without properly executed online marketing, your web site will only be a marketing expense rather than a marketing weapon. With professional online marketing services, we have seen return on investment payback in as little as 3-6 months.

Advertisement-me creating awareness about the product to the world.
Sales-me make available that product in the market for using it by the consumers for an exchange of monitory value.

Whenever company runs an ad it should have a reasonable basis for the claims they get, which is the evidences for the claims that they receive. These claims must be healthy and safe claims and which has a competent and scientific evidences that is evaluated by qualified people and can be reviewed, modified, and can make additions to it.

Though meta keywords tags are not a major factor search engines consider when ranking sites, they should not be left off the page. Both the meta keywords tag and the meta description tag contribute to your search engine ranking. A meta keywords tag is supposed to be a brief and concise list of the most important themes of your page. The meta keywords tag takes the following form:

<meta name="keywords" content="keywords,keyword,keyword phrase,etc.">

Advertising is the non-personal communication of information usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature about products, services or ideas by identified sponsors through the various media.

The systematic design, collection, analysis and reporting of data relevant to a specific marketing situation facing an organization is marketing research. Marketing research is an input for making better and informed decisions.

Marketing research is the systematic gathering, recording, and analysis of data about issues relating to marketing products and services.

While there are creative factors that influence ad effectiveness, marketing considerations, should also be considered.

No. There is no doubt that pressure selling over the telephone can achieve numerous unqualified leads, appointments or sales. We are not that kind of business. We offer a quality service using experienced staff who represent companies professionally when working on their behalf. The leads, appointments, information or sales generated are qualified and productive.

One should always be creative when you are in advertising field. When you are running out of ideas refer internet, forums, open source ad sense, and blogs, advanced search engine options, use various communication groups, and approach them for to get ideas.

There are a few key criteria utilized to evaluate search engine marketing vendors. The following are just a few of the most important: length of time in business, collective industry experience, number of employees, number of clients, size of clients, client and employee turnover, depth and breadth of service offering, pricing, proprietary services, industry credibility, client testimonials, success stories, strategic partners, philosophy and process. Look at their client’s visibility versus their own, as “search engine marketing” is a highly competitive term, and those that perform well probably have a little too much time and not enough client work to keep them busy. 

The FTC can take action if an ad for cigarettes or a smokeless tobacco product is deceptive or unfair. The FTC also enforces various federal laws requiring health warnings on print ads for cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, as well as on packaging. In addition, federal law prohibits the advertising of cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and little cigars on radio, TV, or other form of electronic media regulated by the Federal Communications Commission.

Web marketing research is about conducting research (usually statistical analyses) to understand web marketing issues. The process of a research project includes: finding a market issue, trlate it into a marketing research project, design survey questionnaire, collect information from a survey, conduct analyses and report the findings and marketing implementations.

Web marketing research focuses on web marketing issues only.

Marketing intelligence is the systematic collection and analysis of publicly available information about competitors and developments in the marketing environment. A marketing intelligence system gathers, analyzes and distributes information about the company’s competitive technological, customer, economic, social, political and regulatory environments. Its goal is to improve strategic decision-making, assess and track competitors’ actions and provide early warning of opportunities and threats.

There are as many approaches to producing commercials, as there are commercials, so the sky is the limit Production of a typical: 30 commercial involves planning, copy writing, shooting time, editing time, design, and production of graphics, an announcer, and more. The value of production varies greatly depending on your concept, and the technical manipulations necessary to produce it.

advertising is we are knowing new products.

If you wer your telephone and there's no one there, the odds are that you just "zapped" a telemarketer. After a few weeks, you'll notice that you are receiving fewer and fewer of these calls.

By design, Marketing Connections maintains a call center operation consisting of 75 workstations with room for controlled expion.

To test the effectiveness of your banners, divide the number of exposures by the number of click through.

Example Formula:
 100 exposures divided by 25 click through = 4:1 ratio
A 4:1 ratio specifies that the banner is clicked on once for every four exposures. The lower the number of exposures compared to the click through, the better.

There are 3 essential components of a search engine campaign: 

  1. Text component- A web site must contain the words that your target audience is typing into search queries. 
  2. Link component- Placing keywords on a web page is useless if the search engines do not have a me to index that text. Therefore, your site design must be "spider friendly."
  3. Popularity component. All of the major search engines measure popularity. Therefore, before beginning a search engine campaign, we often have a corresponding directory submission and link development campaign as well to assist with popularity.

Telesales is the use of the telephone for selling and promoting products or services to a business or consumer base.

The modern use of the word "Telemarketing" refers to anything related with the use of the telephone, including Telesales.

For example research, event confirmation or database building and cleaning.

To know how much to spend on Advertising, first we need to establish our advertising budget, and then we should set our monthly expenditures accordingly.

To improve your ability to reach your target audience, consider using demographic, geographic, or psychographic profiles.

Generally speaking, most companies prefer to outsource their search engine marketing efforts to SEM professionals to ensure their programs are properly managed and remain cutting-edge. Larger companies tend to have an in-house resource like a Webmaster or Internet Marketing Manager who is responsible for implementing search engine marketing programs, but often times, this person outsources the day-to-day SEM activities to a trusted vendor to free up their time educate and manage internal resources, develop long-term strategies and to create optimized content. Factors influencing the decision process include objectives, timeline, available marketing budget and internal resources.

Telemarketing is not an instant short term fix or solution for solving business revenue problems and all results vary according to the product or service. We always offer our advice and recommendations to ensure that any project is formulated to produce the best results. This may be concentrated phoning in a very short period or short periods of phoning, but a longer project and will depend on project strategy. We recommend what we believe is the best way of achieving results.

The meta redirect (meta refresh) tag is a meta http-equiv tag which, when inserted into the header of an HTML document, will cause the visitor's browser to load a new web page after a specified number of seconds have passed after the initial document has loaded, basically redirecting the visitor to the new page. The webmaster specifies the new page to be loaded and the number of seconds that must pass before the new page is loaded. The meta redirect or refresh tag takes the following form:

<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="4;url=">

  • Advertisers should always ensure the following is kept in mind before advertising.
  • Advertising must always be highly truthful non-deceptive.
  • Ads should be a fair deal.
  • Advertisers should always keep backups on the claims and have evidence for their advertising.

An ad is deceptive when it omits any information or contains any wrong statement. As it is likely to mislead the customers who will be reacting reasonably under various circumstances and which will help the customer to analyze and decide whether to buy or use the product.

Meta tags are HTML codes that are inserted into the header on a web page, after the title tag. They take a variety of forms and serve a variety of purposes, but in the context of search engine optimization when people refer to meta tags, they are usually referring to the meta description tag and the meta keywords tag.

Though meta keywords tag and meta description tags are not the main factor search engines consider when ranking sites, they should not be left off the page. A meta description tag is supposed to be a brief and concise summary of your page's content. A meta keyword tag is supposed to be a summary list of the most important words on your page. They were both proposed in order to make using the web easier. Unfortunately, webmasters over the years have abused meta tags so much that search engine creators have had to de-emphasize their importance in their algorithms.