Top 17 Machine Learning Interview Questions You Must Prepare 02.Mar.2024

Bias:Bias can be defined as a situation where an error has occurred due to use of assumptions in the learning algorithm.

Variance: Variance is an error caused because of the complexity of the algorithm that is been used to analyze the data.

The following are few methods can be used to select important variables:

  1. Use of Lasso Regression method.
  2. Using Random Forest, plot variable imprtance chart.
  3. Using Linear regression.

Yes, Machine learning is exactly the same way how babies do their day to day activities, the way they walk or sleep etc. It is a common fact that babies cannot walk straight away and they fall and then they get up again and then try. This is the same thing when it comes to machine learning, it is all about how the algorithm is working and at the same time redefining every time to make sure the end result is as perfect as possible.

Deep learning is a process where it is considered to be a subset of machine learning process.

Yes, it is possible by using ANCOVA technique. It stands for Analysis of Covariance.

It is used to calculate the association between continuous and categorical variables.

A process of decomposing generic functions into a superposition of symmetric functions is considered to be a Fourier Trform.

This is another question where one has to be completely honest and also giving out your personal experience with these type of tools are really important. Some of the data visualization tools are Tableau,, and matplotlib.

They are generally used for database indexing.

A hash table is nothing but a data structure that produces an associative array.

An individual can easily find missing or corrupted data in a data set either by dropping the rows or columns. On contrary, they can decide to replace the data with another value.

In Pandas they are two ways to identify the missing data, these two methods are very useful.

isnull() and dropna().

Data mining is about working on unstructured data and then extract it to a level where the interesting and unknown patterns are identified.

Machine learning is a process or a study whether it closely relates to design, development of the algorithms that provide an ability to the machines to capacity to learn.

The relation is

True Positive Rate = Recall.

An array is an ordered fashion of collection of objects. A linked list is a series of objects that are processed in a sequential order.

A Supervised learning is a process where it requires training labeled data.  When it comes to Unsupervised learning it doesn’t require data labeling.

Yes, the rotation is definitely necessary because it maximizes the differences between the variance captured by the components.

  • Model building
  • Model testing
  • Applying the model

  • Nearest Neighbour
  • Neural Networks
  • Decision Trees etc
  • Support vector machines

The average of Precision and Recall of a model is nothing but F1 score measure. Based on the results, the F1 score is 1 then it is classified as best and 0 being the worst.