Top 30 Iphone Apps Interview Questions You Must Prepare 23.Jul.2024

Q1. What Is Swebapps?

SwebApps is a simple, inexpensive way to build, track and update a native mobile application for your business or organization.

Q2. Introducion To Iphone Application Development?

In 2007, Apple entered the cellular phone business with the introduction of the iPhone, a multi-touch display cell phone, which also includes the features of iPod.

Q3. What Is Iphone Sdk?

  • iPhone SDK is available with tools and interfaces needed for developing, installing and running custom native applications.
  • Native applications are built using the iPhone OS’s system frameworks and Objective-C language and run directly on iPhone OS.
  • Native applications are installed physically on a device and can run in presence or absence of network connection.

Q4. Can I Use More Than One Merchant Account With The Same App?

No. Credit Card Terminal can only be configured for a single merchant account.

Q5. What Are The Location Services?

  • Applications such as Maps, camera and compass are allowed to use the information from cellular, Wi-Fi and Global Positioning System networks for determining the approximate locations.
  • The location is displayed on the screen, using a blue marker.

Q6. What Is Iphone?

  • iPhone is a combination of internet and multimedia enabled smart phone developed by Apple Inc.
  • iPhone functions as a camera phone, including text messaging, and visual voice mail
  • iPhone is a portable media player that resembles a video iPod
  • It has user interface that is built around the multi-touch screen including virtual keyboard.
  • App Store , which launched in the mid 2008 has over 1,00,000 applications with functionalities including games, references, GPS navigation, advertising, television shows, films, reference, celebrities.

Q7. Describe The Functionality Of Accelerometer Of An Iphone?

  • iPhone responds to motion using a built-in accelerometer.
  • The accelerometer detects the movement and changes the display accordingly, at the time of rotating iPhone from portrait to landscape.

Q8. Where Are My App's Settings?

Many apps store the app's settings in the main "Settings" icon on the iPhone's home screen. Click on the grey settings icon and scroll down the list of apps at the bottom of the settings page.

Then click on the app's name within settings to manage the settings for that app.

The Settings icon is located here:

Q9. Explain About The Applications That Can Be Used With Iphone?

Technology, Entertainment and Design(TED): Allows to watch and listen to world’s most fascinating people have to say, all on the iPhone.

Market Watch: Breaking news about the investments can be seen. To do so, open the Stocks app and rotate.

Trends: Latest runway shows, videos from Vogue’s fashion library, reviews, exclusive party pictures, fashion news updates can be seen on

Q10. Can I Use My Iphone, Ipad, Or Ipod Touch To Purchase From The Mac App Store?

No, the Mac App Store can only be used on a Mac.

Q11. What Is Iphone Os?

  • iPhone OS runs on iPhone and iPod touch devices.
  • Hardware devices are managed by iPhone OS and provides the technologies needed for implementing native applications on the phone.
  • The OS ships with several system applications such as Mail, Safari, Phone, which provide standard services to the user.

Q12. Can I Customize My App's Look And Feel?

Yes, you can upload your own images for use as button icons and backgrounds. Background images must be 320 (width) x 460 (height) pixels in PNG format. Button images must be 100 (width) x 80 (height) pixels in PNG format.

Q13. What Is Iphone Architecture?

  • It is similar to MacOS X architecture.
  • It acts as an intermediary between the iPhone and iPod hardware an the appearing applications on the screen.
  • The user created applications never interact directly with the appropriate drivers, which protects the user applications from changes to the hardware.

Q14. What Does Swebapps Do?

SwebApps allows you to create an iPhone and/or Android application online. Once your app is available for download via the iTunes Store or Android Market, you can update your content in real time (at any time).

Q15. Does The App Library Builder Look At My Personal Files On My Computer?

This tool checks only for apps on your computer; it does not look for, nor does it submit, any personal information to Appolicious. It only submits information about your apps -- not the actual apps themselves.

Q16. What Is Appolicious?

Appolicious is the place to discover and share the latest and best iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android apps through social recommendations. Find, share, and review apps in categories such as Games, Education, and Travel, or browse user-created lists of apps .

Q17. What Are Sensors In Iphone?

  • The proximity sensor immediately turns off the display when the iPhone is lifted to ear. With this sensor the power is saved and accidental dialing is prevented.
  • The display is automatically brightens the iPhone by the ambient light sensor when the sunlight or bright rooms and dims in darker places.

Q18. What Is Iphone Reference Library?

  • iPhone reference library is a set of reference documents for iPhone OS .
  • It can be downloaded by subscribing to the iPhone OS Library doc set.
  • Select Help>Documentation from Xcode, and click the subscribe button next to the iPhone OS Library doc set, which appears in the left column.

Q19. What's The Difference Between The Iphone App And is designed to work on various mobile devices, and adapts to each phone's capabilities. The MailOnline iPhone app is specifically designed to work with advanced iPhone features, such as offline browsing.

Q20. What Is An In-app Purchase?

An in app purchase is an additional purchase you make within a paid application.

Q21. What Is The "client Sign Up" Option?

The Client Sign Up feature (a free add-on) allows you to request your client’s email address and phone number when they launch your app. You can view the email addresses and phone numbers you’ve received via our online CMS system and download the results as an excel file for future reference.

Q22. In Which Regions Is The Mailonline Iphone App Sold?

The MailOnline iPhone app is available worldwide.

Q23. What About Ipad, Blackberry, And Windows Phone?

The SwebApps platform is currently iOS and Android only. That me that apps built through SwebApps work on iPhones, iPod Touch devices, iPads, and most Android devices. Certain functions on the apps built through SwebApps require an internet or mobile data connection.

iOS apps built through SwebApps function on the iPad, displaying in their native size or 2x resolution. We are considering offering iPad-native apps through SwebApps in the future. At this time, we do not have specific expected dates for SwebApps on BlackBerry, Windows Phone, or other mobile platforms. If you are interested in developing an app specific to one of these platforms.

Q24. Can I Install Iphone Apps On My Old Ipod Or On A Non Iphone/ipod Touch?

iPhone apps only run on the iPhone or iPod Touch with 2.0 or higher installed. They do not run on older iPods or BlackBerries and Treos.

Q25. Why Iphone Apps Are Popular?

  • Give our business a whole new way of tracting business for millions of users.
  • iPhones are the market leaders in the smart phone segment.
  • The iPhone has become a great device to surf the internet, play games, interact with social networks and tract business.

Requirements to develop iPhone Apps:

  • Mac OS 10.5/10.6
  • iPhone SDK(Software Development Kit 3.0/4.0)

iPhone SDK consists:

  • IDE to develop iPhone Apps is XCode(This tool is inbuilt in iPhone SDK)
  • Interface Builder-This is used to design GUI of Apps(Inbuilt feature of iPhone SDK)
  • Instruments - This is used to check any memory leaks in our apps(Inbuilt in SDK)
  • Simulator - This is used to test our apps before deploying into real device.

Q26. Is Appolicious Owned By Or In Any Way Affiliated With Apple Inc.?


Q27. What's The Difference Between A Swebapps App And A Mobile Website?

SwebApps are installed on iOS and Android devices and run natively. Many of the functions available through our platform provide a better user experience than websites accessed via mobile browsers. Our SwebApps platform also relies on a content management system (CMS) that we’ve built and will maintain, leaving you without the technical hassle of maintaining your own mobile website.

Q28. What Are The Features Of Iphone 3gs?

Video: Videos can be edited, shared. High quality VGA video can be shot in portrait or landscape.

3 Megapixel Camera: Still photos with greater quality can be taken

Voice control: It recognizes the names in contacts and recognizes the music on iPod.

Compass: iPhone 3GS has built-in digital compass, used to point the way.

Internet Tethering: Internet surfing can be done from anywhere. A 3G connection can be shared on Iphone with Mac notebook or laptop.

Q29. Why Doesn't The App Auto-focus On Regions When Used On The Itouch?

The application has been developed primarily for use on the iPhone and is designed to work in conjunction with its internal GPS module to identify which region you are in.

Whilst recent models of the iPod Touch have a GPS module in-built which will allow the app to work correctly, some older versions of the iTouch do not have this function. As such the application requires you to manually select the region each time you start the application as the handset is unable to determine your current location.

Q30. What Is An Iphone App?

An iPhone app is a program that runs on our iPhone/iPod Touch. It enables us to accomplish a certain task. They could be utility apps, games, enterprise apps, entertainment apps, apps to access our bank account etc.

Some popular apps are:

  • Face book-Social networking
  • Doodle Buddy-drawing
  • Pandora Radio-radio on our iPhone
  • Yelp-restaurant reviews