Ibm Tsm Placement Papers - Ibm Tsm Interview Questions and Answers updated on 07.Dec.2023

Server will initiate the schedule process by contacting the client.

select count(*) from libvol where status=scratch

Reclamation: It is the process moving the active data from fragmented volumes to single or few no of volumes. It makes the fragmented volumes reusable.

Command: Reclaim stg poolname threshold=number

duration=minutes offsitereclaimimit=no of volumes

Migration:This is used to migrate files from one stgpool to the next storage pool

Command: Migrate stgpool poolname lowmig=number duration=minutes reclaim=yes/no.

If there is no volumes in the next stgpool or if any mig delay parameter is mentioned migration effects

by installing this software we can take modified files and directory which are stored in that folder.

Labeling is naming vol. check in is inserting the vol to slot.

dsmserv.opt, dsmserv.dsk,volhist.out, devconfig.out

Move drmedia command is used.

Background process in TDP for hardware. (TDP for ESS).

  1. mountable to non-mountable
  2. non-mountable to courier
  3. courier to vault
  4. vault to vault-retrieve
  5. vault-retrieve to courier-retrieve
  6. courier-retrieve to onsite retrieve
  7. check in as private

devconfig.out, volh.out dsmserv.disk, dsmserv.opt

  q db f=d  q log f=d  q event * * t=c  q stg f=d  q event * t=a

dsmserv.opt, dsmserv.dsk, devconfig.out, volhist.out

dsmserv.opt: All the server configuration Information

dsmserv.dsk: All db, log volumes paths

devconfig.out: All device configuration information like device class, drives configuration info.

volhist.out: All sequential volumes information.

checkin libvolume library_name volume_name search=no/yes/bulk status=private/scratch

Checkout libvolume library_name volume_name remove=bulk/yes/no

checkin libvolume Libraryname volname status=cleaner cleanings=10/only for scsi libr checklabel=no/for cleaner it shud be no

in ver6.2 we have deduplication option.

backup is for short period storage and where as archive is for long term storing your data Backup is having versions archive does not have versions and backup is full, incremental, differential where as archive is as it is snapshot.

Monitoring Schedules, DB and Recovery Log etc. Already explained.

home directory of all users. (Which are frequently changed?)


you must recreate it before you can start the restore operation. The device configuration file must follow these conventions:

The commands must be in this order:

  •  DEFINE SERVER (if you are using virtual volumes)

define shed domainname shedname action= command object=”c:sqlfull.cmd” startday=” “ starttime=” “ duration=” “ durationunits=min

by running this script command:pathcscript planexpl.vbs path of the plan file

Export and import Command Routing and Enterprise management.

mutable/not mountable/courier/vault/vault retrieve/courier retrieve/onsite retrieve//// move media volname were state=x to state=x 

There is no chance of restoring single file in image backup. We have restore entire image.

Storing the traction, which is not committed to DB and are, required for consistency of TSM DB.

Move drmedia medianame where state=courier tostate=vault

Tdpoconf: The tdpoconf utility is used for password maintenance and general Data Protection for Oracle setup and maintenance.

Tdposync: Use the tdposync utility to delete the Oracle backups on the Tivoli Storage Manager server which are not in the RMAN catalog. By thus removing unwanted objects in Tivoli Storage Manager storage, you can reclaim space on the server. This utility allows you to repair such discrepancies between the Tivoli Storage Manager Server and the RMAN catalog.

Checkout the tape, power cycling the drive, raise the ticket to Hardware team.

It is the process of moving the fragment data from one or more volumes to a different volume, so that the volumes being reclaimed can be used as scratch volumes in TSM again. By using this technique we can save a lot of space in TSM. This process is controlled by reclaim threshold parameter of the storage pool.

Add database volumes by the command line as TSM server will not work if DB is full.

Check Schedule, DB & Recovery log, managing volumes. Explained earlier.

by increasing the bufpoolsize

If cross def is on we can establish server to server communication.

Health check of TSM servers.

Checking schedule status, if any missed or failed schedules resolving the problem.

dsmserv.opt, volhist.out, devconfig.out, dsmserv.dsk.