Top 15 Google Plus Interview Questions You Must Prepare 14.Jun.2024

Yes, you can do that like how you embed a tweet from twitter. Click on the "drop down" arrow on your post > click "Embed post".

Make sure to use these wisely!

Use *Text Here* to bold a text

Use _Text Here_ to italicize a text.

Use -Text Here- to strikethrough a text.

You may also combine them! Here are some examples:

  • Use *-Bold Strikethrough-* to do this: Bold Strikethrough
  • Use *_Bold Italic_* to do this: Bold Italic
  • Use -_Italic Strikethrough_- to do this: Italic Strikethrough
  • Use *_-Bold Italic Strikethrough_-* to do everything: Bold Strikethrough

Yes! You can add do-follow links on your "Intro" in about section and whenever you share a link post; make sure you click the "link" button to add your URL.

You can add find more shared circles in our community (new circle every Wednesday) or through Circle.

You have to create an empty circle then every time you reshare a post from people you follow, share it with that empty circle you've created. Here's how you create an empty circle: In your homepage, click "Home" from the top menu > click "Your Circles" > click "+" circular button > add a name for the circle > click "Empty Circle". Voila! Now when you're about to reshare a post, share it to that empty circle instead of "public".

In your post, click the "drop down arrow" icon to view all comments > click "Show comments removed as spam" > click "Restore".

In your homepage, click the "Home" from the top menu bar > select "Communities" > either click the "Recommended for you" or use the search bar.

Unfortunately, that feature is not available as of yet.

Go back to your Google plus homepage > Click "Home" from the top menu and select "People" > Click "Added You" from the left navbar > Click "Add All (XXX)" at the top right of your screen.

In your post, click the "drop down" arrow and select "View post activity".

If you aim to increase your reach, treat your Google+ as your 'mini' blog. A great post contains high-quality image, appropriate #hashtags & an interesting description. Use text formatting wisely, always give credit where it's due and include your site link to your post (if applicable).

Attract more targeted followers by optimizing your profile. Make sure you have a personalized cover photo, update your 'About section', verify your email, use vanity URL (custom URL), add a trendy tagline: include your interests or occupation (e.g. Digital Strategist. Social Media. Web Design.) and lastly, add your website and social media links.

"In your circle" is the people you follow (or added) while "Have you in circles" are those people who follow you.

If you can't follow any more people, it's either you follow users more than you have followers or you've reached your daily limit, try again tomorrow. and provide excellent intelligence on your posts & profile engagement (and that of the pages & communities you manage). Friends+Me (post from G+ to other social accounts). Sprout Social and Hootsuite also offer the ability to post to your Google+ Page (these are commercial products)

Bufferapp is my favourite tool for scheduling and posting, works on Google+: The +mentions can be added via typing + and immediately the G+ ID number of a page or a profile.