Top 50 English Language Literature Interview Questions You Must Prepare 02.Mar.2024

This is a type of poem that provokes thought on a topic of interest.

It is way of writing or speeling a word using the alphabet of another language.

The english language used during the period of queen Victoria.

An epigram is a short poem. It does not exceed more than six lines. It express a witty climax.

Coinage is used for a word or expression invented.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe.

A word that is composed of parts from two or more languages. Eg automobile

Some dramas contain much poetry as in the dramas of shakespeare. Such a method of writing poetry is dramatic poetry.

Epic is a long narrative poem.

It is a part added to a letter after the signature.

A sudden change of fortune, unexpected reversal of circumstances, eg., the down fall of antonio in ‘ The merchant of venice ’ .

Lines rhyming in pairs and are the iambic pentametre lines are termed by this word.

The use of long, involved and complicated word where simple ones would do eg. using the word “ terminological inexactitude ” where the simple wordlie would surface.

“ Britanica of english language ”.

Slang is an informal use of language and it is short - lived. It is generally a use of language related to some work, way of life etc.. In slang, words are coined and new meanings are given to words.

Some poems which seem to be epic in style and narration are epic narratives .

A dictionary is a book of alphabetically listed words in a language with etymologies, pronunciations, definitions etc.

A person who writes dictionaries is a lexicographer.

A grammarian is a specialist or expert in grammar.

It me making a word by using a sound that suggests the object.

A person who writes a book, speech or an article on behalf of another. The credit is being given to the person for whom it is written.

Shakespearean sonnet is called english sonnet.

It is a form abstract art, which tries to produce optical illusions.

It is a long poem written on a public occasion. The expression will be as addressing some person or personified thing.

A word or a pharse inserted into a sentence, usually within bracket or between commas or hypens. It adds to the information of description but without it the sentence would still get grammatically complete.