Top 17 Data Center Technician Interview Questions You Must Prepare 24.May.2024

switch and router (well, network card (NIC) and router should do it, or a switch and network card.. depends how big you want to make it, really i guess you can have a network with a crossover cable and two nics).

PCI-e is newer than PCI and PCI-x. The slots look different and they are not compatible.

 Hypertext Trfer Protocol.

  1. Noise (tick tack sound of the arm getting stuck/hitting something)
  2. Any leds on the disk, system board, controller
  3. Any vibration or anything from the disk?

Four primary and maximum one active per disk. See this link for some explanations. Unsure at this stage what the exact question was.

800×600 or 640×480?- see this link on mydigitallife or this post on tom’s hardware.

PC: chassi, system board, psu, cpu, ram, hdd, f, cables, graphics card, dvd, monitor, keyboard/mouse

Server: same with deduction of a extra graphics card (is one on the system board), and addition of hdd controller, possibly backplane, no cd/dvd, extra nic, double cpu, ram, psu, f, remote monitoring/console.

the default apparently in hyperterminal – 9600 (this might be tricky, in my experience this varies between the devices – max is probably 115200bps). Maybe what they are asking for is what is the default speed of a Cisco switch’s aux or console port? If so, the wer is 9600.

Basic input/output system. Responsible for initializing hardware, POST/startup diagnostics, boot the OS and varies hardware settings.

Read Only Memory – Used for storing data that you do not want somebody to write to.

ICMP (this is a sneaky question – an obvious fault is to go for TCP or UDP)

Look under /dev/ for a disk like /dev/sda(SATA) /dev/hda (PATA). Then /dev/sda1 is the first partition.