Cap Gemini Siebel Crm Placement Papers - Cap Gemini Siebel Crm Interview Questions and Answers updated on 14.Jun.2024

Specifies business Component is subject to Access Control

Application Administrator > Responsibilities

User Administration > Employees

Creating the Siebel Database Owner

  • An Integrated Product Suite 
  • Built on common architecture

  • Check Project into Server
  • Apply DB Changes to Server
  • Compile and Test on Server
  • Reextract Developers and have them get all Projects

False ( Caution - we only Set organization flag to set a division as Organization)

When local Dbf Not Found & When a uaf is found in docking user while Synchronizing

Application > Page Tab and interchange Sequence for Account and Contact

Parent Business Component, Child business Component, Source Field, Destination Field

  • Can be Bounded or unbounded
  • Copies Selected value into destination Field

Inspect the Virtual Directory from IIS

  • When you have created a New Extension Table
  • When you want to Display as a parent applet and child applet in Same view and Data to be populated in both applet is from the same table