Top 20 Call Centre Interview Questions You Must Prepare 20.Jul.2024

Q1. Why Did You Leave Your Last Position?

This is one tricky question which must be wered carefully as it may seize you anytime. It is always good to wer in a positive tone. You can mention that the job role wasn’t challenging and appropriate to your skills. You can also mention that the workload was discontinuous and you spent most of the time idle. Another important advice is that you should never speak ill about your previous employer if so they may assume that you would do the same with them too.

Q2. What Do You Consider As An Important Aspect Of A Successful Call Centre?

With this interview question for call center, the interviewer will get to know your understanding of what a call center needs to deliver. A successful call center is one which delivers the requirements of the customer which includes stable performance, reliability, and prompt responsiveness. Also, remember to share few metrics such as resolution rates and response time which helps in calculating efficiency. The main requirements of the customers from call center agents are accurate responses, which is knowledgeable and professional.

Q3. Have You Ever Worked In A Call Center Before? If So, How Long Did You Work There?

The purpose of this question is to see if you already have some experience of working at a call center. If so, tell the interviewer about your experiences and what you learnt there. If you do not have a work experience, don’t panic, stay calm and say “I don’t have a first hand experience of working at a call center but this is what I know about them and I look forward to work for one.”

Q4. What Is Inbound And Outbound ?

In inbound process we just satisfy the customer and solve the problem related to our company. And, in out bound process, we just call the customer and selling the company products.

Q5. What You Know About Call Center?

The call center is mentioned as a service desk wherein in surplus calls are handled. The main intention of a call center is to solve customer issues and make them happy. The customer service agent attends the calls and satisfies the customers by all ways.

Q6. What Is Cdma?

CDMA ,me code division multiple access

Q7. What Is The Difference Between A Bpo And A Call Center?

Call center is a subset of BPO.

Q8. What Is Near Shore Outsourcing?

When a work process is outsourced to a nearby country, it is called near shore outsourcing. 

For EX: If a business process is outsourced from a company in USA to a company in Mexico or Canada – it is near shore outsourcing.

Q9. What Does Customer Satisfaction Mean To You?

Customer Satisfaction mean,dealing with customer in a proper or positive way.Every individuals are different so there need and satisfactory leave also different.So the main task of a employee of a call center is to make them understand that they are also concerned about their problem.

Q10. Why Do You Want To Work In A Call Center?

Relate the qualities you have to the requirements of a call center job like, good command over the language(English), team working capabilities, patience, good listening skills etc. and say that you think, these skills will make you successful in the industry. Also, talk about the prospects for the industry and how you think you can grow with it.

Q11. Can You Do A Job That Requires You To Stay On The Phone All Day?

Before you go for a job at a call center you should know that the focus of the job here is “voice” which needs you to be on phone for quite a long time. So, the interviewer expects a “Yes” as an wer to this question.

Q12. What Are The Works Of Team Leader In Call Center?

To Take care of the team with motivation. Checking on daily performance of each team member which includes (Shift and Break Adherence, AHT, Occupancy, Ring time and of course quality, and give them the feedback on area of improvement and tracking attendance,remote or nice call monitoring, taking escalations and taking team meetings and also giving update about the new information on floor.

Q13. What Is Backend?

A back-end database is a database that is accessed by users indirectly through an external application rather than by application programming stored within the database itself or by low level manipulation of the data (e.g. through SQL commands).

A back-end database stores data but does not include end-user application elements such as stored queries, forms, macros or reports.

Q14. What Is B.p.o?

B.P.O. Me Business Process Outsourcing which deals with CRM ( Customer relationship management.). IN the BPO call are made & receive. It can be inbound or outbound. it is just like a help-desk where customer query are solve. It is basically link between the customer & its company.

Q15. What Is Off-shore Outsourcing?

When a work process is outsourced to a different country which is not nearby – it is called off-shore outsourcing.

For Ex: of USA outsources a work process to India- it is off-shore outsourcing.

Q16. What Is The Definition Of Quality?

Quality is a parameter based on conservation with the customer. it contains good knowledge of productivity ,active listener, opening and closing script, goodcommunications skills .and probing skills also.

Q17. What Do You Like About Being Employed In A Call Center?

The wer can be to work as a part of a team, the environment which is fast paced. The wer can also be mentioned as communicating with various customers and solving their issues. Since products and services keep changing, the graduate is kept updated on the various changes and learns new skills. Also mention few positive examples that you have experienced and enjoyed as a call center executive.

Q18. What Is The Difference Between Bpo And Call Centre ?

A Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organization is responsible for performing a process or a part of a process of another business organization; outsourcing is done to save on costs or gain in productivity.

A call center performs that part of a client?s business which involves handling telephone calls. A call center, for example, might handle customer complaints coming in over a telephone.

Thus, a call center can be considered a BPO organization.

Q19. Mention The Types Of Call Center And What Is The Difference Between Them?

Inbound call center and outbound call center are the two types of call centers. In an inbound call center the call center associate or customer service officer will receive calls pertaining to customer queries.

For example: customer calling up the telecom company in order to know the present tariff pl bills, internet services and more. In an outbound call center, the customer associate will make outgoing calls to customers which can be business related or sales related. Examples can be call received from banks regarding personal lo.

Q20. What Is Onshore Outsourcing?

When a business process is outsourced from a company in one country to another country in the same country – it is called onshore outsourcing.