Top 20 Business Management Interview Questions You Must Prepare 14.Jun.2024

Facts for strategic planning are generally easier to gather than facts for tactical planning.
Strategic plan is used to establish overall objectives for the organization and position the organization in terms of its environment. Facts for strategic planning are generally more difficult to gather than facts for tactical planning.

Avoiding non-verbal cues
Avoiding non-verbal cues is not likely to improve communication effectiveness. Rather, non-verbal cues are very important for effective communication as they often help in understanding the hidden feelings in people.

Price and

tailor made me making the things by giving orders home made is making thing ourselves readymade is buying the things that already made.

marketing does not require specialty in the stream. The person dealing with the product must have convincing power with respect to the product and fulfill the desire of the concern person Submit Your Answer

Because my interest in the business line so i want to adopt the commerce stream


Explanation: The term associated with things such as tuition reimbursement, recreational opportunities etc is benefits which is provided apart form the regular compensation. i.e. Benefits are forms of supplementary compensation. They represent monetary and non-monetary payments over and above the wages paid.

Sales is about generating prospects, evaluating them for business opportunities, getting the requirement from them and providing adequate solutions so that it gets converted into Revenues for the company.Sales is about developing and closing business deals and earn profits.

Message, The communication process is made up of various components. The message is the actual physical product from the source encoding.

Because our country doesn't had dollars, DOLLARS HAD BIG DEMAND so price value comes down & now a days foreign institutional investors(FII) not going to invest in our country by dollars its s also a reason of tat,Spain, Greece country currency was very much depreciated so those people in tat country planned to invest a money in dollars.

firstly , you should get angrry & settle all ur salary and incentives then try new job without frusteting.

PROVISION : Provision is a charge to P&L a/c. 

RESERVE : Reserve is an appropriation of profit. 

provision : it is because of legal necessity.

reserve : it is a matter of finavial prudence.

provision : creation of provision decreases the funds of the business.

reserve : creation of reserve increases the working capital of the business.

provision : can be made irrespective of profit / loss

reserve : cannot be made when there is loss.

provision : are made against expected losses.

reserve :safe guard against unexpected losses and there by to strengthen the financial position of the company

Suppliers located in diverse and distant locations
A successful JIT program requires that suppliers be located in close proximity of the company, so that materials can arrive as and when needed.

Marketing is a wide concept and is involved in every department of an organization. It involves a close organized study of market aligned with all functional departments. It provides a fair oppurtunity to enter into the market from TARGET MARKET till AFTER SALE SERVICE for the exisiting firm or from PRODUCT DESIGN till AFTER SALE SERVICE for NEW FIRMS. Marketing has many dimensions and verticals, which make it the most important and critical factor for an organization for the existence in the competitive world.

Immoral management not only ignores ethical concerns, but also actively opposes ethical behavior. Organizations with immoral management are characterized by:

  • Total concern for company profits only.
  • Laws are regarded as hurdles to be removed.
  • Strong inclination to minimize expenditures.

According to me i will first identify the need of my customer second when they are in need of my services and how effectively i can satisfy their need under the organizational structure.

point of purchase and point of sale

The conflict-resolution approach that corresponds with a high level of assertiveness and a low level of cooperativeness, is referred to as Forcing.

i am interested in finance actually i like to play with numbers and i want to take challenges in my life.