Top 30 Business Development Interview Questions You Must Prepare 24.Jun.2024

Q1. Which Techniques Will Be Most Likely To Generate A Response From A Voicemail?

Leaving a voicemail with a reference, an introduction, the way you can solve a business problem, and leaving off with your contact information.

Q2. One Of The Foundational Aspects Of Business Development, Is To Assess The Current Assets Of The Company As They Relate To The Maintenance And Expion Of The Business.

The given statement is True.

Q3. Identifying How To Communicate With Customers Is A __________ Strategy:

Communications Strategy

Q4. In What Way Should A Salesperson Handle A Situation Where An Angry Customer Calls To Report The Poor Service He Received?

Listen to customer patiently and take notes to understand the gravity of the problem, then apologize.

Q5. Which Is Not Good Data To Leverage?

Their number of siblings

Q6. What Is The First Step In Customer Segmentation?

Gathering data.

Q7. Seo Is A Common Internet Term Meaning?

Search Engine Optimization.

Q8. Generally, You Can Think Of _______ As The Strategy And ______ As The Execution.

marketing; sales

Q9. Generally The Purpose Of A Pre-purchase Meeting Is To ________.

explain product features, problem solve, and schedule another meeting.

Q10. What Is A Cold Call?

A call made without an introduction or appointment

Q11. Which Qualities Would Help Close The Most Deals?

A knowledge of how the product can help the customer and a genuine belief in the product.

Q12. What Determines The Types Of Data To Leverage?

It depends on what is relevant and what is available.

Q13. Which Is The Most Common Mistake Made By Salespeople When Speaking To Prospects?

Talking too much and not listening to the prospect enough

Q14. What Is The Purpose Of An Elevator Pitch ?

To effectively communicate the value of the company in a succinct manner.

Q15. As A Part Of Go-to-market Plan You Must Figure Out The Proper Sales _________.


Q16. What Is Upselling?

Selling a customer premium upgrades

Q17. Business Networking Is A Relevant Tool In Business Development?


Q18. What Is The Definition Of The Common Business Development Term "pipeline"?

The flow of potential clients which a company has started developing.

Q19. Which Should Be Avoided When Setting Up A Breakfast Meeting With A Prospect?

Setting the meeting in a popular and noisy restaurant

Q20. What Does Crm Stand For?

Customer Relationship Management

Q21. Business Development Combines Which Two Of The Following Business Functions?

Marketing and sales

Q22. In A Company That Has Not Launched Yet, When Should You Look Into Customer Segmentation?

When you have identified a consumer base.

Q23. ______ Is The Process Of Acquiring Information To Ensure That Clients Will Benefit From A Product .


Q24. What Is The Best Way To Service A Last Minute, Highly Critical Request From A Prospective Client In An Area In Which You Don't Have The Expertise?

Stay on, ask questions, confer with people to ask for help, and coordinate to deliver the service until the issue is resolved.

Q25. What Does Market Share Mean?

The portion of a market controlled by a particular company or product.

Q26. How Can You Differentiate A "champion" From The Crowd?

They can introduce you to decision makers in the organization and are willing to advocate on your behalf.

Q27. What Is A Commission?

A percentage of a sale that goes to the sales representative.

Q28. What Is A Common Cause Of A "sales Trap"?

Misaligned or inconsistent strategy

Q29. What Is The Best Way To Leave A Compelling Voicemail For A Prospect?

Mention that a contact with whom the prospect has done business with has referred you for a business need.

Q30. Which Is Not A Method Of Customer Segmentation?