Top 19 Bootstrap3 Interview Questions You Must Prepare 02.Mar.2024

Tables can be easily made with basic html tag and specific classes provided in Bootstrap @You can make table with Striped rows, bordered table, hover rows, condensed table and responsive table using their specific classes for right results. Read more about Bootstrap 3 tables here.

Current version i.e. Bootstrap 3 supports all the modern browsers with latest version i.e. Firefox, Google Chrome, IE (Internet Explorer), Opera and Safari

Using these groups you can stack them together and their behaviour is controlled easily with parent element.

These are basic colors provided them in this CSS framework. You can use them with buttons, inputs, text as well as background too.

It is the official Bootstrap HTML linter tool. Bootlint is used to check the HTML mistakes that comes along in the structure that you have made for your web page.

Bootstrap offers compiled and minified CSS with JavaScript & fonts. You can download the latest version from their official Bootstrap website. There is also CDN support for Bootstrap at

 1 <!-- Latest compiled and minified CSS -->

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha384-BVYiiSIFeK1dGmJRAkycuHAHRg32OmUcww7on3RYdg4Va+PmSTsz/K68vbdEjh4u" crossorigin="anonymous">

Source Code that can be used with LESS and SASS is also available. It also has completely CDN support with direct URL’s that once implemented runs the Bootstrap directly for your website. Bootstrap is open source and can also easily install it with Bower, npm, Composer.

In this framework default font size : 14px and line height 1.428 px is given to tag. Also tag are given padding-bottom of 10px by default.

Using Offsetting columns you can easily push the column to create more spaces between your content. Just add them to your particular classes with same suffix i.e. .col-md-offset-*. Although .col-xs classes don’t support offset but they are customized using empty cells only.

Yes it does work and restructures the columns accordingly. each group of extra columns acts as one unit, wrap onto a new line

There are three main breakpoints that are used in Bootstrap for making it compatible to all platforms.

  1. Small Devices (Mobiles, Smartphone, Tablets,) at 768px
  2. Medium Devices (PC, Desktop, Laptops) at 992px and up
  3. Large Devices (Large Screen desktops, Laptops) with 1200px and up
  4. Max-width and Min-width are used in CSS media queries for affecting the specific device set.

Yes we can make images responsive by adding class .img-responsive which in turn applies CSS properties with max-width(100%)  as well as height (auto) for covering parent element.

Bootstrap grids are the popular 12 column based grid system for responsive web layouts.Fixed Layout is when some portion like header are fixed and don’t adjust to different browser but still are responsive.Fluid Layout is completely dependent on the browser and adjusts according to the device width. Bootstrap uses 1170x as standard grid layout for default.

Bootstrap current version 3.0 fully supports LESS bases web development but for future Bootstrap 4.0 alpha version uses SASS so it Bootstrap will become comprehensive CSS based framework with LESS and SASS support.

Yes different types of Bootstrap forms when viewed under 768px devices render similar properties. Inline form only works at device viewports that are at least 768px wide

Using Well class to any Bootstrap container results in to sunken text or inset affect to the container element and you can add small (.well-sm) & large classes (.well-lg) to make it more effective

There are around  250 glyphs available free of cost with Bootstrap from Glyphicon Halflings fonts set. You can select the best one from the given set of icons easily.

30px is the standard size given to all Grid layouts in Bootstrap by default (15px on each side of a column).

  • Bootstrap framework takes use of front end only. Its overview start with HTML5 based grid system i.e. 12 column layout for responsive web design which has mobile first design approach.Than typography concerns with text formatting support for LESS and SASS in future. Making Bootstrap tables is easy too whereas Bootstrap Forms are very popular.
  • Ease of style and making define the Bootstrap buttons with default classes available for images as well. Comprehensive helper classes and responsive utilities are there which caters to ad hoc functionality in web designing if required. For added functionality you need to download Jquery plugins i.e. Bootstrap Modals, Bootstrap Tooltip etc.