Top 27 Boiler Operator Interview Questions You Must Prepare 19.May.2024

This happens generally on every other day in this profession, but the key is not to stay back but move on. I will take some preventive measures to avoid loss of resources.

It is a procedure that is used for the protection of the workers and the equipments during the maintenance or repair of the power plant.

A block of coal takes a lot of time to burn and give out the energy, but the powdered coal burns uniformly faster and since it is in its powdered form the entire coal burns and there is no waste of coal which leads in achieving greater calorific value.

N2, N3, fuel flow, oil pressure, oil temperature, oil quantity and engine vibration. FCOM 1 70.20.1

A boiler feed pump takes away one third part of the energy generated by the power plant.

CHP & stock yard, crushers, coal conveyors, wet or dry ash disposal, ash slurry disposal units, ash pond, LDO HFO oil elevations.

Technical issues are very common in a plant, give an example from your past experience where you successfully managed to overcome a technical issue.

water passes through the tubes which are surrounded by flames and hot gases

  1. to provide an adequate supply of air for the fuel combustion
  2. to exhaust the gases of combustion from the combustion chamber
  3. to discharge the gases of combustion to the atmosphere through the chimney

When ever an engine is at or below idle with the fuel control switch in RUN. FCOM 1 70.20.8

Dual ignitors are always used for in flight starts. FCOM 1 70.20.8

I'm familiar with the boiler operation, I was trained to fix and install boiler. I am a good trouble shooter and a good operator.

If the airspeed is below that recommended for a windmilling start. FCOM 1 70.20.7

Safety in this profession is very important for every worker working inside the plant. A small mistake can lead to a big hazard and hence every minor chance of a mistake should be taken seriously.

A power plant operator is a person who operates a power plant. He has got to be good at the technical skills of using the power plant and must be equally talented in distributing the work to the other workers who are working with the power plant.

Steam should be heated to the temperature it is before making it to enter the turbine because superheated steam produces a lot of energy and also prevents the blades from rusting or damaging.

Forced draft installed to force the air inside the plant while the induced draft fetches and pulls the air inside the air.

The autostart will make continuous start attempts until the engine either starts or the pilot aborts the start attempt. FCOM 1 70.20.7

If actual thrust is less than commanded thrust during takeoff with airspeed between 65kts and V1-6kts. FCOM 1 70.20.16

Safety driven and self directed, I can and do work with minimal supervision and always put my plant and co- workers safety above all else.