Top 27 B2 Visitor Visa Interview Questions You Must Prepare 24.Jun.2024

Q1. Where Will You Stay In The Us?

Give them the correct address along with State and City

Q2. What Work Do You Do And Where? What Is Your Job Profile?

Give job details, responsibilities etc

Q3. Who Will Take Care Of Your Property In India While You Are Gone?

We have made arrangements with relatives/friends to take care of our property

Q4. Who Is Going To Sponsor Your Visit?

Say your son/daughter is going to sponser, if you are doing self sponsorship tell them the same.

Q5. What Are You Going To Do In The Us?

We are going to travel/visit the interesting places there like: (give some names of famous tourist spots) Disneyland, Niagara Falls, Washington D.C, Las Vegas and spend time with our son/daughter and son/daughter-inlaw

Q6. How Much Do You Earn/ What Is Your Annual Income?

Carry financial documents to support your wers

Q7. Did Your Son/daughter Study In Usa? And Also What Visa Are They On?

Tell the correct wer and also ensure you know what visa your son/daughter are on.

Q8. Can I See You Business/visiting Card? Will You Work In The Us?

No, I am going for tourism and sightseeing.

Q9. If You Are Working, You May Be Asked: Did You Take Leave?

“Yes, I have accumulated six months leave over the past years.

Q10. What Is The Purpose Of Your Trip?

We are going for pleasure and tourism, to see some of the interesting places in the US and to spend time with our son/daughter (and son/daughter-in-law)

Q11. Where Do You Stay In India?

Give the correct wer as in Passport

Q12. Will Your Wife/husband Accompany You On Your Trip?

Give the true Answer. “Yes, my wife/husband will accompany me

Q13. If You Run A Business, You May Be Asked: Who Will Look After Your Business In Your Absence?

I have arranged for person to take care of my business in my absence” OR “My partner will take care of it.

Q14. When Did You Last See Your Son/daughter?

We met out son/daughter when he/she/they last visited us.

Q15. When Did Your Son/daughter Go To Us?

My son/daughter went to US in month and year

Q16. Where Does Your Son/daughter Work?

Provide them the exact work location. Do not lie.And have there employee name and designation and supporting documents handy.

Q17. What Assets/property Do You Have In India?

If you have property or immovable assets in India, do mention them during the interview – it will be seen as a reason to return

Q18. Why Do You Want To Travel At That Time?

My son/daughter has arranged for leave from work during that period. They will be able to show us around then.” If the trip is in spring/summer, you can say “We want to visit during summer as the weather will be suitable for us and we have heard that everything is beautiful at that time of the year” If visiting in fall/winter, say “We want to visit at that time because we want to see the fall colors and snow

Q19. What Is The Purpose Of Going To The Us?

To visit my son/daughter and also for  tourism purposes

Q20. Your Income Is Not Enough To Support International Travel. What Do You Plan To Do?

My son/daughter is sponsoring my visit. He/she will take care of all my expenses for this trip

Q21. When Do You Plan To Travel?

We plan to travel in name of month

Q22. Is This Your First Visit To Us? What Places Do You Want To Visit?

give names of interesting and famous U.S. tourist attractions like Disneyland, Las Vegas, Niagara Falls, Washington D.C etc

Q23. Have You Booked Your Ticket? Do You Have Return Air Tickets, Medical Insurance Etc.?

Our son/daughter will arrange for that after our visa is approved.

Q24. When Did You Retire?

Give the true wer. “I retired in month and year

Q25. How Much Expense Do You Expect From This Trip?

  • My son/daughter will be sponsoring this visit.
  • Never say that you can put up some/part/all of the money

Q26. Do You Have Blood Relatives In Us?

If your son/daughter is present please tell the same. If your blood relative is also present tell them the truth. And wer to the point.

Q27. How Long Has Your Son/daughter Been In The Us?

Tell the exact number of years