Top 19 B1 Visa Interview Questions You Must Prepare 24.May.2024

While wering this question be honest and straight never ever say that you are going to work there or to carry out some business.For e.g say that you are going for knowledge trfer or to attend business meetings or to have client interaction..etc.

If married then they may ask you to show the marriage certificate.

Give the details of your role and the technology that you are working in your company.

I am working for xyz.(the name of the company for which you work)

Don’t tell lie ..they may catch you becoz in passport other countries stamping should be there.

Show them the visiting card that the company had given you.

for e.g I work as a senior software engineer.(Depending on the roles you play in your company)

Carry the detailed training schedule plan from your company.

One must give a perfect wer to this question and can say that you are going to get stipend to survive in USA.

They will ask you to show the 3 month bank statement.

Speak the truth. If you have any relatives in USA,then they may ask you to give the detail address of the place where your relatives are staying.If required they may also check their database to see the details of your relatives and their staying location.

Always tell the truth about your income.They will ask for the Income Tax (IT) Return forms for last 3 year.

Never ever say that you are going to work.They will immediately cancel your visa if you say that you are going to work.

Please remember the detailed address of the place where you will be staying in the USA.

Carry the experience letter of your current company and also the experience letters of your previous companies.