Top 14 Apache Presto Interview Questions You Must Prepare 23.Jul.2024

Q1. What Is The Use Of Mysql Connector?

MYSQL Connector is used to query an external MySQL database.

Q2. What Is Presto Verifier?

Presto verifier is used to test Presto against another database (such as MySQL).

Q3. What Is Presto?

Presto is a distributed SQL query engine. It is an open source software project to develop a database.

Q4. What Are The Presto Applications?

There are various Presto applications:

  • Facebook
  • Teradata
  • Airbnb

Q5. What Are The Components Of Presto Architecture?

Presto architecture components are given below:

  • Client : Clint submits SQL statements to a coordinator to get the result.
  • Coordinator: It parses the SQL queries.
  • Connector : Storage plugin is called as connectors.
  • Worker : It assigns task to worker nodes.

Q6. What Are The Log Files Of The Presto Server?

The logs files of the Presto server are given below:

  • Launcher.log
  • Server.log
  • http-request.log

Q7. How Can We Create Table By Using Command?

We can create table by using command:

presto:tutorials> create table mysql.tutorials.sample as   

select * from;  

Q8. Why Should We Use Presto?

We should use Presto because of its features:

  • It supports standard ANSI SQL.
  • It is built in Java.
  • It has connector architecture that is Hadoop.
  • It runs on multiple Hadoop distributions.

Q9. What Are The Various Data Types In Presto?

In Presto, there are various data types in Presto.

  • Varchar
  • Bigint
  • Double
  • Decimal
  • Json etc.

Q10. What Are The Functions Of Presto?

There are various functions of Presto that are given below:


Abs(x):It returns the absolute value of X.

Cbrt(x):It returns the cube root of x.

Ceiling(x):It returns the x value rounded up to nearest integer.

Ceil(x):Arial for ceiling(x)

Log2(x):It returns the base 2 logarithm of x.

Q11. What Is Jmx Connector?

JMX stands for Java Management Extension. It gives information about the java virtual machine and software running inside JVM.

Q12. What Are The Config Properties Of Presto?

The Config properties of Presto are given below table:

Config Properties----->Description

task. info -refresh-max-wait:It reduces coordinator work load.

task.max-worker-threads:It splits the process and assigns to each worker nodes.

distributed-joins-enabled:It is Hashed based distributed joins. sets network topology to scheduler.

Q13. What Is The Default Port Of Presto?

The default port of Presto is 8080.

Q14. What Are The Features Of Presto?

There are following features of Presto:

  • It is simple to use.
  • It provides pluggable connectors.
  • It provides pipelined executions.
  • It provides user define functions.