Top 20 Air Traffic Controller Interview Questions You Must Prepare 29.Nov.2023

I will instruct incoming flights to hold in the air for a while and reduce its travelling speed so that in that time I can instruct the pilots of the other flights who are standing on the runway to move to some other place.

There are basically three positions: Junior Executive, Senior Assistant and a Manager. Tell them about what position you are applying for.

Goa will be closer to my house and easier for me to travel from my home to my workspace, but New Delhi has more number of flights arriving and departing in a day, which will give me a better opportunity to prove my skills and progress further in my career.

no, because there are chances of accidents while taking off from the ground. And if the signals mess up, the flight can also result in getting directed to some other direction.

Because I have a great potential to manage things, and my education also meets the required qualification skills where have complete the training for an ATC and I feel that I can use my knowledge and experience in a resourceful way for this job.

Tower controllers are responsible for directing the movements of vehicles on runways. They check flight pl and give clearance for the pilots for landing or taking off.

Arrival and Departure Controllers take care that an aeroplane lands or departs safely and also maintains a minimum space from the other vehicles for safety. They are also responsible for informing the pilots about the weather and forecast conditions.

The competition level is bit too high and it has to be as this job requires a lot responsibilities to be handled. But then too I feel that there is always a space for highly qualified and disciplined ATCs.

Senior Assistant is responsible for Instructing the pilots about their movements. A senior assistant takes reports from the Junior Executive and reports to the Manager for instructions at extreme  cases.

Say yes only if you can, else don’t worry, simply say no. They will appreciate your honesty and  train you for it if you are selected.

En route controllers monitor aircraft once they leave an airport's airspace. They work at air route traffic control centers located throughout the country, which typically are not located at airports.

A Junior Executive has to keep track of all the flights which are arriving and departing at a particular time. In-case if there are two different flights arriving or departing at the same time then he needs to report he Senior Assistant.

Every employee wishes to have a better salary and jobs with higher salary do attract people, but besides that your company is well established and I will also get more opportunities over here. This was what attracted me more than the salary.

There can be various challenges for me in this job and sometimes a few challenges can also risk someone’s life and my duty will be find the best possible solutions so that there is no damage caused to anyone.

A manager is responsible to instruct the Junior executives and the Senior Assistants and collect reports from them on weekly, monthly and annual basis.

Say yes only if you know all the functions of a leader and you are equally capable of handling them.

An ATC is a person who coordinates the movement of air traffic, to ensure that aircraft stay safe distances apart.

There are basically three roles and the employees assigned to each role are called as the controllers:

  • Tower Controllers
  • Arrival and Departure Controllers
  • En route Controller