Top 22 Adobe Flex 3 Interview Questions You Must Prepare 20.Jul.2024

Q1. Can I Add Charting To The Flex Builder Standard Edition?

Yes, by upgrading from Standard to Professional you will get the charting components, plus the profilers and Functional Testing support.

Q2. Where Can I Get Access To The Open Source Flex Project Information?

The Flex 3 public betas mark a big step toward the availability of Flex under an open source community process. Adobe is now making a detailed feature roadmap available for Flex. Additionally, Flex developers now have public access to updated nightly builds and to the production Flex bug system.

Q3. Can I Upgrade From Flex Builder 3 Standard Edition To Flex Builder 3 Professional Edition?

You will be able to purchase a separate upgrade from Standard to Professional when Flex 3 is introduced.

Q4. If I Purchase Flex Builder 2, Am I Eligible For An Upgrade To Flex Builder 3?

No. To be eligible for a free of charge upgrade to Flex 3, you will need to purchase maintenance along with the purchase of Flex Builder. You can purchase maintenance with Flex Builder 2 for $99 US which makes you eligible for a free-of-charge copy of Flex Builder 3 Standard edition when it ships. Also effective November 1, 2007, you can purchase maintenance with Flex Builder 2 with Charting for $299 US and become eligible for a free-of-charge copy of Flex Builder 3 Professional edition when it ships.

Q5. Can I Use Flex Builder 2 To Create Applications Using The Flex 3 Sdk?

No. Flex Builder 2 only works with the Flex 2 SDK so if you want to use Flex Builder with the Flex 3 SDK, you will need to use Flex Builder 3 beta 3.

Q6. What Are The Goals Of The Beta?

This final beta release focuses on overall quality and performance, providing a final look at Flex Builder 3 prior to launch. The goal of this release is to give the community a final opportunity to provide feedback and to help identify any bugs or missing capabilities prior to the final launch. You can continue to get all the details for the release by reading Matt Chotin’s article in the Flex Developer Center and by reading the release notes.

Q7. Where Can I Download Flex 3 Beta 3?

You can download all of the Flex 3 beta 3 bits from

Q8. Do I Need To Upgrade To Beta 3 To Use Air Beta 3?

Yes. Flex 3 and AIR continue to be on a common path moving towards release so you will need to stay in sync. The good news is that the latest AIR bits are already included in the Flex 3 SDK beta and the Flex Builder 3 beta downloads.

Q9. How Much Will Flex Builder 3 Cost?

Flex Builder 3 Standard edition will sell for $249 US. Flex Builder 3 Professional edition will sell for $699 US. These prices align with the current Flex Builder 2 pricing.

Q10. How Long Can I Use The Flex Builder 3 Beta 3 Software? Can I Extend The Time Limit?

Because the Flex Builder 3 beta product includes all of the features within the Flex Builder 2 product, it will expire after 60 days from installation. You can unlock the beta for further use by entering a valid Flex Builder 2 serial number if you have one.

Q11. Can I Still Purchase Flex Charting?

No. Because we had limited interest in the use of Flex Charting separately from Flex Builder, we are eliminating Flex Charting with the introduction of Flex @After Flex 3 is released, we will be offering an upgrade path from Standard to Professional.

Q12. What Did Adobe Announce Regarding Flex?

On December 13, 2007 Adobe announced the public availability of Flex 3 beta @This is the third and final public beta for Flex @Adobe also announced the availability of the third Adobe AIR public beta, also included within Flex 3.

Q13. Is It True That I Can Now Get The Flex Test Automation Framework With The Purchase Of Flex Builder 3 Professional Edition?

Yes. With Flex 3 we will be changing the licensing for the Automated Functional Testing support and it will become a feature of the Professional edition.

Q14. Do I Need To Uninstall Flex 3 Beta 2 Before Installing Beta 3?

You do not need to uninstall Flex Builder 3 beta 2 if you have the standalone version and install beta 3 to a new location. If you wish to install Flex Builder 3 beta 3 to the same location as beta 2 you will need to uninstall beta 2 first. If you are using the plug-in version of Flex Builder you will need to uninstall the previous version.

Q15. Will The Flex Skin Extensions For Cs Be Part Of The Flex 3 Release?

We will most likely ship the final versions of the Skin Extensions with the Flex 3 release. Although packaging has not been finalized, because they are extensions to CS3, they will most likely be released separately, in parallel with Flex 3.

Q16. Will I Need To Upgrade My Air Sdk Along With Flex 3 Beta 3?

No. When you install Flex Builder 3 beta 3 you will automatically get the latest AIR SDK.

Q17. Can I Continue To Run Flex Builder 2 In Parallel With Flex Builder 3 Beta 3?

Yes. You can run a separate instance of Eclipse and run both Flex Builder 2 and Flex Builder 3 beta 3 in parallel.

Q18. Can I Still Build Flex 2 Applications With Flex Builder 3 Beta 3?

Yes. In the beta 1 release Flex Builder introduced the ability to target different versions of the SDK with different projects. This feature continues in beta 3.

Q19. How Will Flex 3 Be Packaged?

Flex Builder 3 will have two new editions: Flex Builder 3 Standard edition and Flex Builder 3 Professional edition. The Professional edition has all the great features from the Standard edition, plus the Charting and visualization components, the profilers, and Flex Functional Testing Support.

Q20. When Will Flex 3 Be Released?

Flex 3 is currently planned to be released in early 2008.

Q21. Do I Need To Upgrade My Flash Player To Use Beta 3?

No. You can continue to use Flash Player 9 – the same as Flex @However if you want to leverage the new framework caching feature or support for H.264 video you will need to upgrade to the latest version of the Flash Player.

Q22. Where Can I Find Out Additional Information About Flex 3 Beta 3?

You can find all the details about beta 3 on Adobe labs at