Top 11 Account Based Marketing Interview Questions You Must Prepare 02.Mar.2024

The short wer is to “wire up” an Accounts view of your pipeline  in your CRM so you can monitor activities at the account level. This is not how CRMs natively report, so it will require someone who knows what they are doing. A more simple way would be to monitor revenue for your ABM accounts and assume “correlation is causation” for marketing activities.

If you are already using and paying for a marketing automation platform (MAP), it’s worth it to speak to your rep about what type of IP targeting tools they offer. Marketo, for example, offers reverse IP identification at a fraction of the cost of many of the tools out there right now.

ABM (NYSE:ABM) is a leading provider of integrated facility solutions nationally. Thousands of commercial, industrial, government and retail clients outsource their non-core functions to ABM for consistent quality service that meets their specialized facility needs. ABM’s comprehensive capabilities include expive facility services, energy solutions, commercial cleaning, maintenance and repair, HVAC, power, electrical, landscaping, parking and security, provided through stand-alone or integrated solutions.

With more than $5.0 billion in revenues and over 100,000 employees deployed throughout the United States and various international locations, ABM delivers custom facility solutions to meet the unique client requirements of multiple industries - ranging from healthcare, government and education to high-tech, aviation and manufacturing. ABM leverages its breadth of services, deep industry expertise and technology-enabled workforce to preserve and build value for clients’ physical assets. ABM Industries Incorporated, which operates through its subsidiaries, was founded in 1909.

A small list of named accounts — say, 10 accounts that are representative of multi-million dollar contracts — provides an opportunity for one-to-one ABM strategies. Consider targeting each account’s corporate headquarters with surround marketing, using out-of-home buys, geo-targeted direct marketing, and a dedicated pursuit budget to create really specific sales materials and videos. In this case, automation and scale matter a lot less. Targeted, insight-driven, custom care and feeding to these key accounts matter a lot more!

It’s less about the type of company you are and more about whether ABM makes sense for your business — and is something that you can actually do. If you’d benefit from aligning your sales and marketing against a list of specific companies rather than a profile of companies, then it could be an effective tactic for you.

For example: if your products / solutions are “considered purchase” (complex, longer cycle, multi-constituent, more expensive) rather than tractional, you’ll likely do better with ABM.

Paul Robinson will work as an executive sponsor on the integration team to support Doug Smyers, ABM Sr. Vice President & GM and Carl Jobe, Vice President of Operations in their new expanded roles. Our goal is to find a new facility that will accommodate the combined operations. Everyone else will continue in their current roles leading the daily activities of the company and participating in the strategic planning activities with the management team of ABM Building & Energy Solutions. Paul’s new title will be Vice President of Business Development for ABM Texas. Carl Jobe’s new title will be Vice President of Operations for ABM Dallas. There will be very few visible day-to-day changes in the organization that you come in contact with daily. We will soon be introducing the MSI team to the greater Texas ABM team located in other facilities in the Dallas metro area. The closest ABM office to MSI is the ABM Business & Industry Office just one exit away off of Regal Row.

MSI IT infrastructure will be evaluated and new servers/computers will be provided where required to meet ABM’s IT security requirements as a public company. The IT evaluation is planned to occur within 60 days.

It all should stem from your data! At the very minimum, internal opinions should be validated against a few years of sales information to create a firm graphic profile of your most profitable accounts. The profile should then line up with the companies on your named accounts list. You should also look for external sources to verify, such as predictive profiling, to ensure your teams’ intuition is on track. Taking these steps should not add a lot of time to your process; it’s really just a matter of weeks, or a month at the most.

Clearly we all want to maintain the current service levels and business relationships through the trition so as to minimize the impact on our customers. Our ultimate goal is to grow the business through connecting customer contacts with cross-selling opportunities for all ABM companies, in order to take advantage of all our available service offerings, and increase our ability to serve our customers. We will continue to live our goal of meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

A great starting point is to download our ABM Roadmap and share it with your team. It’s a tool built to provide you with a thorough overview of the seven areas you need to focus on to execute ABM successfully from the “crawl,” “walk” and “run” perspectives. It also provides information on the types of tools you may want to invest in at different stages.

This is a fair question that may be asked by your clients and industry associates. Paul selected ABM because the cultures, business philosophies and market focus aligned. These similar values ensure continued focus on our current clients and create new opportunities for growth. It should be emphasized that every member of the MSI leadership team will stay in their current roles and continue to operate the business except for Paul who will assume an expanded role to grow ABM in Texas and Carl assuming all Operational responsibilities for the combines entity.

This will depend on your approach and your organization. If you are using a process or technology to dynamically prioritize accounts, this will typically fall to Marketing. However, Sales must be aligned on the methodology. If you are using a static prioritization, it could be either or both.