Top 36 3dsmax Interview Questions You Must Prepare 04.Dec.2023

Hide grid view in the active viewport

Set timeline to show selective range, select all your frames and drag the end box below your frames while holding LMB (left mouse button)

Expands and shrinks time from less than 0 giving you negative time

Orthographic shows an image without perspective distortion.

UVW are the three letters before XYZ, which is the object coordinate system, and help us remember which axis of a map lines up with which axis of an object

Expert Mode - hiding windows and menus

In the Hierarchy tab select Pivot and Affect Pivot Only, then use the Move tool to move the Pivot Point

Shows stats on your polygon model

Allow you to adjust key frames faster and move them in time to get a better feel for animation over adjusting curves in a limited time frame

It shows how items are linked together in the scene.

Select the camera go to Animation / Constraints / path constraint

Which single axis or combination is currently selected for the trformation

Behaves as a virtual trackball, allowing rotational changes in all three dimensions

Pan in the viewport, sliding the view around without altering the position of objects

Automate repetitive tasks and control large numbers of objects

These formats output to one file at the end of the render job. If there is an error during renders, the file is lost. therefore it's best to render individual frames, and then reassemble frames in Video Post.